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Twitter Pitcher

If you haven’t caught on – Rangers pitcher CJ Wilson is set to dominate not only the AL West, but the Twitterverse, as well.

Baseball Chicanery

Call me crazy, but there is something about the leisurely pace of baseball that lends itself to a profound level of goofiness. Yet another reason why it is the finest sport ever invented.

It’s Called Defense

To the best NBA analyst on the planet, go the spoils of Cool & Dre.

Cinderella Story

Kudos to Bill Murray who just won his first official Pro-Am golf tournament this weekend. Does it matter? You tell us, Bill.

Putt of the Gods

Ok, things here have been a bit dark lately, I’ll grant you that. But good omens are to be found on the internets as well. I bring to you now, the GREATEST MINI-GOLF PUTT IN THE HISTORY OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD. Prepare for pandemonium.

Best. Photo. Ever.


Admittedly, my non-Celtic fan Mep friends may disagree…but this picture, taken right after Paul Pierce’s game winning shot against the resurgent but still not rival New York Knicks, is priceless.  (Not pictured: Nate Robinson almost killing himself jumping over Pierce, and Spike Lee almost killing himself in an apoplectic fury off camera as Kevin Garnett bows to him.  Who says civility is dead?)

He’s Two of a Kind

Did anyone else know that Rex Ryan, the outspoken, self-effacing, boisterous, former defensive-coordinator now coach of the Jets has an outspoken, self-effacing, boisterous, twin brother, Rob Ryan, who is the defensive coordinator for Cleveland?

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Fight the Power for Profit

Apparently the 1968 gold medalist, Tommie Smith, is selling his 1968 gold medal which he protested as pictured above.

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Indy Film Packs Quite a Punch

It’s been a tough few months for me personally (hence my distance from the land of the Emu), but there is catharsis to be found in this film, written and directed by Mep fan and friend Pete Lee:

This Close or This Far from Peter Lee on Vimeo.

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MLB Cardinals Go Evangelical

The following is a video of MLB Superstar Albert Pujols and his manager, Tony La Russa speaking at Glenn Beck’s Tea Party rally in DC today.

While I realize that they got Pujols under the auspices of handing him some fakey award, I still feel like accepting it and preaching the gospel to the Tea Party could very well be worse than taking steroids.

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