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Mep Report #137: Meta-Meta-Meta-Meta-Video Gaming


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Deal or No Deal, Sportsageddon, Russ Fought the 4DX and the 4DX Won, Ruining the World with New Technology!, Demographic Bingo, The Third Sign is Worth Millions, Youtuber Review, Watching Gamers Talk About Gamers Talk About Gamers Playing Games, Greg Antagonizes Storey About the NBA, and Steph Curry: Kinda Good at Basketball.

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Mep Report #136: Ronald Reagan, King of the Star-Murderers


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Remembering how Ronald Reagan forgot, Russ takes performance-enhancing drugs… for life, Russ embraces Hemingway and runs with the bulls, Box and won, Russ is as cold as ice – he wants you to sacrifice, Rutgers: home of unending disaster, Freely choosing to limit all future choices, Flowers for Gooberman, Gooberman’s Choice, Wilson’s Choice, Don’t Fear the Reaper?, Spoilers!, the further perfection of the King of the Star-Murderers, and baby boxing.

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Mep Report #134: Emu Jumps Shark

We lost several emus practicing for this shot.

We lost several emus practicing for this shot.

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Snowpocalgeddon Jumps the Shark…Again, Finland the Permanent Frozen Wasteland, Russia is Lucky (Not Happy), Katy Perry Almost Jumps the Shark, Everyone Hates 2014, Don Lemon Jumps the Shark in a Blizzardmobile, Russ (Commercially) Jumps the Shark, Storey (Pacifically) Jumps the Shark, and all our Sports Teams Jump the Shark.

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Odell Breaks the Internet


Odell Beckham Jr, son of a track star and a football player, broke the internet tonight by making a physics-defying catch in the Giants-Cowboys Sunday Night NFL game. The fine-pointed concentration and preternatural feel it takes to complete the following action is Bruce Lee-like. It’s what legends are made of. And this kid is a rookie.

I like to watch this GIF with the John Williams Pandora channel running in the background for maximum epic-ness.

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Twitter Pitcher

If you haven’t caught on – Rangers pitcher CJ Wilson is set to dominate not only the AL West, but the Twitterverse, as well.

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Baseball Chicanery

Call me crazy, but there is something about the leisurely pace of baseball that lends itself to a profound level of goofiness. Yet another reason why it is the finest sport ever invented.

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It’s Called Defense

To the best NBA analyst on the planet, go the spoils of Cool & Dre.

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Cinderella Story

Kudos to Bill Murray who just won his first official Pro-Am golf tournament this weekend. Does it matter? You tell us, Bill.

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Putt of the Gods

Ok, things here have been a bit dark lately, I’ll grant you that. But good omens are to be found on the internets as well. I bring to you now, the GREATEST MINI-GOLF PUTT IN THE HISTORY OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD. Prepare for pandemonium.

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Best. Photo. Ever.


Admittedly, my non-Celtic fan Mep friends may disagree…but this picture, taken right after Paul Pierce’s game winning shot against the resurgent but still not rival New York Knicks, is priceless.  (Not pictured: Nate Robinson almost killing himself jumping over Pierce, and Spike Lee almost killing himself in an apoplectic fury off camera as Kevin Garnett bows to him.  Who says civility is dead?)

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