Mep Report #47

(Guest: Emily Clayton) Storey Commits Seppuku on his Pinky, 2 Out of 3 Meppers Don’t Use Doctors, 85% Incompetence, In Case of Subaru Break Glass, Flaming Napkins, Parking Lot Vultures, Vioxxalypse Now, Wasted Potential, and a Meptrack of Our Lives.

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4 Responses to “Mep Report #47”

  1. […] then, as stated in the 85% theory, stupidity isn’t really the issue here. It’s just apathy. Complacency. That and greed, […]

  2. […] new data happens to fit perfectly into TMR’s 85% Theory. The theory states that since a large majority of professionals and advice-givers are incompetent, […]

  3. […] well-crafted video touches on several Mep themes including Chess, Debate, and the habits of the incompetent. It seems to have been inspired entirely by board trolls, which may be their first ever positive […]

  4. […] many health-related Mep-centric themes, including not taking the word of doctors as gospel (see the 85% theory), seeking outside of the box treatments, and trusting yourself to be your own best advocate. […]

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