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What is The Third Sign?

It’s a puzzling question, especially if you’re one of the thousands who attended Gen Con 2009, the premier gaming and geek convention in the world…as you’ll see in this video. But the answer is out there: check this out for the scoop.

DirecTV Profits Off of the Dead

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall in the DirectTV board meeting where they approved the brilliant idea of desecrating the memory of Chris Farley so that their company’s stock can rise a few points. Bonus to the artist formerly known as David Spade for going along with this.

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And now, we bring you this shameless bit of self-promotion.

Specifically, promotion of Greg’s new novel, just released by Five Star Press.  The Third Sign, a work of epic fantasy called “a very satisfying tale from an intriguing new voice” by Bram Stoker award winning author David Niall Wilson and “memorable…gripping…if this book is any indication, the author is in for a long and successful career” by reviewers from The Beezer Review to SFFWorld to Library Journal, has gotten positive pre-publication attention, and if you have any interest in fantasy (or in supporting a Mep Reporter 😉 ), please stop by Greg’s personal webpage for information on how to order the book.  And thanks in advance for putting up with a bit of self-promotion!

It’s an AIG-stravoganza!


UPDATE 3/28: Hi there. Welcome to our little podcast/blog project. Due to last night’s BoingBoinging, we seem to have a lot of new visitors. So after you read about our shot across the bow of AIG, you might wanna check out some of our other features, like one of our 100+ podcast episodes. Here’s a good sample to start with.

Anyway, thanks for visiting. Feel free to leave comments and feedback and let us know how we can improve the Emu. END UPDATE

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Hi and welcome to a brand new manifestation for (TMR). TMR started at the end of 2005 as a way for three old friends (from the Brandeis debate team) to keep in touch with each other. Nearly every week, we’d all log in to Teamspeak and shoot the breeze for hours and hours. At some point, some knucklehead starting recording and posting these conversations. The rest is history.

We now have literally hundreds of hours of free entertainment for your media consuming pleasure. Feel free to listen to a podcast episode (a one hour radio show which could be categorized as a “talk show” or “improvised comedy show”), watch one of our videos (originally created for promotion of the podcast), check out some Mep Art (cover art that accompanies each released episode), or read articles written by various Meppers. The choice is yours.

Since this format is brand new to us, we would love any feedback or criticism that you may have for us. Feel free to e-mail at any time to ask questions or make suggestions for improvements. You can find our contact info in the left hand bar.

Thanks for visiting,

The Emu

The Great Hambino

A quick little nod to Josh Hamilton’s performance in the All-Star Game’s Home Run Derby. Little did I know the firestorm it would create. MLB Advanced Media (i.e. Major League Baseball Attorneys) had YouTube take the video down for trademark infringement. I then sent a counter notice which persuaded the MLB legal team to reinstate the video.

The entire affair was recorded for posterity on Professor Lawrence Lessig’s blog

Boston Globe References 1/31/07: Never Forget


Here’s an article from the Boston Globe Online that referenced our video’s effect on the public fervor surrounding the Great Moonininte Scare of 2007.

Podcast 411 Interview


Here’s me at the 2006 New Media Expo in Ontario, CA talking about what TMR is all about on Podcast 411.

Podfly Podcast of the Week


In the olden days when the Emu was a wee hatchling, we were selected as podcast of the week by podcast website, Podfly.