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Mep Report #130: New Orleans Freezes Over

And you thought Katrina was bad!

And you thought Katrina was bad!

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Storey and The Big Freezy, GamerGateGoingGaga, Nice Guys Deserve–Nothing?, Gooberman Shrugged, Laser Falcon Will Destroy Your Face (If You Make a Noise), Storey Needs His Shady Avenue, and the Secret to Happiness is Abject Fear.

Courage. Competence. Commitment.

Amidst the Professional Left’s sackcloth and ashes routine about a debt deal result which they helped engineer–by kneecapping President Obama at every turn and depressing turnout in the midterm elections, giving us Speaker Boehner and the petulant childrenunrepentant racists/mighty party of Tea–was this extraordinary sight:

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But…but…but…they say they’re liberals!

Blogger, know thyself?

From The People’s View, a fascinating article about where the Glenn Greenwalds and Jane Hamshers of the world–you know, the ones who became liberal when a black man took office and dared to create and sustain progressive policies without consulting them first–get their respective bread buttered.  The next time self-described left wingers start throwing the term “corporatist” around within earshot, ask them if they’ve seen any investment disclosure statements from the Huffington Post lately.

She Loves You, Mep, Mep, Mep (Mep Report #126)

Give a Man a Quarter and He Can Play One Game, Teach Him to Write in Basic and He Can Feed a Village (Really), They Don’t Make Video Games the Way They Used To (and Get Off My Lawn!), Russ Can’t Help Falling In Love…Again…, Is This the Text That Launched a Thousand Ships?, How Rabbits From Certain Places Can Help You Recover Your Voice, How Many Meppers Does It Take to Get One Mepper a Date, Angry Pictures are Angry, and Chemistry = Not Fat.

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Adventures in Capitalism

From time to time, I use this space to relate my frustration with the trappings of capitalism and its various profit-motivated aggravations. It is a constant wonder to me how badly people will treat each other when small pieces of dirty green paper are on the line.

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Spas, Hordes, and Kings (Mep Report #125)

Greg Runs the Gauntlet of the Spa Castle, Uniforms Vs. Au Natural: Fight!, To Every Horde, Turn, Turn, Turn, The Horror of Red Bumperman, The Joy of Having One’s Skin Ripped Off, and Zombie Kings.

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A More Perfect Union?

On the eve of the State of the Union, thought I’d take the time to display some recent exposition I participated in about the nature of our country and where it is relative to our founding ideals. Featuring three Brandeis debaters!

Mini Cup Round 3 (Brandeis A vs Brandeis/BU) from Will Crocker on Vimeo.

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Our Society is Based on War

Our teetering economy is completely based on an ongoing imperial campaign to dominate resources around the globe. Our country’s primary contribution to the rest of the world is death. We export death, that we may import gadgets and trinkets and nonsense. So says Joe Rogan.

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Apples and oranges.

I’ve always felt the turning point in the 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign was the moment when the sight of then-candidate Barack Obama after wrapping up the Democratic nomination was almost immediately contrasted with now-failed-candidate and angry man John McCain, in front of a sickening green background and performing to an audience which sounded more like a canned laugh track, giving a nasty, pitiful screed about the man who would trounce him in the election only a few months later.  One man represented the best of what America would like to imagine itself as–intelligent, broad-minded, appealing to the better angels of our nature–and the other represented the impossibly tired bitterness of a rapidly disappearing part of our society.  The choice, and thus result, was never more stark.

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No one could have predicted…

Beyond expressing my sorrow for the lost and injured and all those affected by this tragedy, I have little to say about the horrific events in Arizona yesterday except one thing.  Regular Mep readers / listeners will know all of us here put a high value on communication and the power of rhetoric; the two greatest speakers of the twentieth century (arguably) were Martin Luther King and Adolf Hitler, and I don’t think anyone needs a cheat sheet to determine which person pursued the good and which the evil.  What yesterday conclusively, definitively proves is that rhetoric is not an unalloyed good.  It is a neutral tool, and it has consequences. 

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