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Jeb Bush – Human Punching Bag

Perhaps the most tragic casualty of the 2016 Republican Primary hecatomb, has been the ritual sacrifice of Jeb Bush. Once the baby brother and inevitable successor to Idiot-CLown-Commander George Bush, Jeb has been tossed aside in the fervor for the new Donald (Furor). There may come a day when we all regret casting aside this dynastic technocrat for a bombastic scam-artist — but that is another story.

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Off the Hook Haiti Benefit Rockomedy Concert

Last night I went out to LA’s Wiltern theater to witness a once in a blue moon assortment of talent assembled by Jack Black and co. to raise money for Haiti earthquake survivors.

I recorded some fantastically washed-out grainy video in an attempt to share this experience with you. Not only do the following clips give you a sense of the performances, they also recreate the crowd’s futile attempts to see anything amidst a standing room only mob. In any case, enjoy the festivities:

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What is The Third Sign?

It’s a puzzling question, especially if you’re one of the thousands who attended Gen Con 2009, the premier gaming and geek convention in the world…as you’ll see in this video. But the answer is out there: check this out for the scoop.

Finding Klaus

An interview I conducted with the elusive Klaus Pierre in his posh new Los Angeles surroundings.

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Obama’s Nobel Prize Win Inspires Irrational Exuberance Awards!

Presenting the latest (and greatest?) TMR video production:

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OMG Facebook Party!!!

Here’s your newest Mep video, an admittedly crude social networking parody called “OMG Facebook Party!”

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Mep Report 116–Limb Regeneration in Infants

In this final part of our video highlight series from Mep Report 116, Russ explains his theories on spontaneous regeneration of body parts in infants.  Everyone is skeptical.  (Be on the lookout for the full audio version of MR116, coming soon!)

Mep Report 116 – Limb Regeneration in Infants from Laserfalcon on Vimeo.

Mep Report 116–Russ Gets His Graduate Degree

Part two of our video highlight series. In this extended clip, Russ desperately tries to explain why anyone should take a Universal Life Church degree seriously.

Russ Gets his Graduate Degree (Mep Report 116 Highlight) from Laserfalcon on Vimeo.

Mep Report 116–Krull, Krill and Kelp!

As we previously promised, here is the first video highlight from the Mep Reporters, filmed on location at Eagle Studios.  We’ll post several more of these highlights over the coming weeks, and will have the edited audio version available here soon.  Here the Meppers discuss the finer points of Krull, a movie Russ has inexplicably never seen.

Krull, Krill, and Kelp (Mep Report 116 Highlight) from Laserfalcon on Vimeo.

Obama Speech Outburst (Musical Version)

For those of you who missed it last night, here’s the outburst during Obama’s healthcare address that is getting all the attention in today’s press…

Freddie, how could you…