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Mep Report #130: New Orleans Freezes Over

And you thought Katrina was bad!

And you thought Katrina was bad!

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The End of An Emu

As you may have guessed from the silence around these parts – the emu-themed blog action has wound down to an end. I want to thank everyone who has followed the journey of this video-centric blog since its inception in January of 2009. The podcast won’t be affected by this change – it will still sling your usual doses of radio improvisational discussion-ness every now and again.

For those interested in video-related postings – you can follow me on Twitter, or check out my video favorites on Frequency.

Saving that, I give you Meppers the last video – as I toss this blog off the proverbial cliff. Enjoy, be well, and keep mepping.

See A Guitar

From the inside, with new eyes – so long as those eyes are copyrighted by Apple Corp.

Thanks to Aaron from Clarion Content for the heads up.

Wikileaks Goes Ad-Buster

Having dabbled in Mep-themed ‘Anti-Ads’ for several years, I was elated to see Wikileaks’ execution on this Mastercard spoof.

Judge a Book by THIS Cover

Been meaning to pimp this site for a while now. Hours of entertaining book summaries ahead that will save you countless days you could actually spend reading instead. Now you can laugh instead of read. That’s the future of English, right Professor Wilson?

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The Consequences of Capitalism

While I’m not sure it can quite measure up to Russ’ brilliant video link from the other day in concision, it must be noted that capitalism is unfortunately pervasive beyond domestic borders. Thus I proudly present the Consequences of Capitalism Quiz:

In case you’re wondering what I got, it’s this:
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Facebook Russian Roulette

Want to play. Badly. Mao. MAO! MAO! MAO! (BLAM)

But…but…but…they say they’re liberals!

Blogger, know thyself?

From The People’s View, a fascinating article about where the Glenn Greenwalds and Jane Hamshers of the world–you know, the ones who became liberal when a black man took office and dared to create and sustain progressive policies without consulting them first–get their respective bread buttered.  The next time self-described left wingers start throwing the term “corporatist” around within earshot, ask them if they’ve seen any investment disclosure statements from the Huffington Post lately.

Strange Evening in Mashupville

Last night, I went to the EchoPlex for a mashup-type show, starring a bunch of vaguely familiar-looking internet people. As we moved through the crowd, we came across one in particular. He was a burly-ish Australian with a handlebar mustache who was bare-chested except for two star-shaped nipple pasties.

As he stopped to survey the dancers on stage (many of whom were male and semi-clad), he commented to my girlfriend “Man, they’re so smoking hot!” As she turned to ponder why he was talking to her, he remarked, totally deadpan, “Hey! You’re not my mom!” And sauntered off. It took me a few hours, but I put the mental pieces together and realized where I had seen him before:

Did You Read That?

…thing from the lefty blog with the flightless bird mascot about how modern civilization is a farce? Yeah, I totally read that.