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I’m thinking of taking a little scenic tour up Sepulveda, this weekend. Should be a pleasant little jaunt. Who’s with me?

Greeks Brace for Spartan Existence Post-Austerity

Is it just me, or is international economic dialogue thousands of grade levels above that of the US?

The Last (Permitted) Creative Medium

What does it tell you about our society when the vast majority of talented animators, designers, and graphic artists who aren’t destitute are in the advertising industry?

To Hell With Ads from Jake Roper on Vimeo.

Gimme Mah Nucular Pills!

Much like Texas, everything in America is done in a big way. We don’t half-ass things – we fully-ass them. So, while Japan is reacting to a totally legitimate and quantifiable crisis caused by a natural disaster, Americans are panicking at the hoaxy spectacle of radioactive particles traveling 5,000 miles and settling right on top of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles…

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This pretty much sums up what is occupying the attention of Americans these days. Sorry, Libya.

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Spas, Hordes, and Kings (Mep Report #125)

Greg Runs the Gauntlet of the Spa Castle, Uniforms Vs. Au Natural: Fight!, To Every Horde, Turn, Turn, Turn, The Horror of Red Bumperman, The Joy of Having One’s Skin Ripped Off, and Zombie Kings.

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When bloggers attack.

Hell yeah, I want my pony!

This article at The People’s View should be required reading for all those interested in discovering what some parts of both the right and left of the blogosphere have to gain in trying to destroy (fortunately unsuccessfully, I think) President Obama–or, more accurately, what they have to gain in upping the ante on false outrage in a public forum.  (Here’s a hint: it’s the same thing anti-corporatists are always claiming (often rightly) is the end goal of every politician.)  One wonders how much time MLK or Gandhi would have had for this kind of kabuki.

The Ultimate Promo

For those of you keen to download The Ultimate Promo (as heard in Mep 122), you can do so here.

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The New and Improved Boob Apron

I normally don’t go for stuff like this, but this voice over work is so on the ball that it deserves to be showcased…

The Tea Baggers Riseth (Mep Report #121)

The Greatest American Five Fingers, The Teabag Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree for Rand Paul, We Like Ice Cream Because It’s ICE CREAM!, What if We Just Lightly Sear Them?, Lakers Fail at Immigration, Invading Arizona for Fun, Profit, and Golf Courses, Greg Roots For the Insurance Company to Win the Bet, and the BuddhaFather.

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