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Mep Report #153: Russ Defeats Rival Harry Potter Group

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Viktoria Modesta – Latvian Aeon Flux

The newest viral music meme features a disabled Latvian pop-star, Viktoria Modesta. I find this video fascinating for reasons that have nothing to do with music.

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Happy Capitalism Weekend

While the carnage of Black Friday is behind us, it’s not too late to gather around the warming glow of the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Cooker and give thanks for all the rival Target patrons we’ve drop-kicked, all the piece-of-crap iPhone 5S’s we’ve trashed, and planned obsolescence we’ve fueled. A Happy Cappy day to all.

Odell Breaks the Internet


Odell Beckham Jr, son of a track star and a football player, broke the internet tonight by making a physics-defying catch in the Giants-Cowboys Sunday Night NFL game. The fine-pointed concentration and preternatural feel it takes to complete the following action is Bruce Lee-like. It’s what legends are made of. And this kid is a rookie.

I like to watch this GIF with the John Williams Pandora channel running in the background for maximum epic-ness.

The Human Show

In much the same spirit as Too Many Cooks, The Human Show takes a warm, fuzzy childhood trope and turns it into a walking nightmare. Congratulations are in order for Sethward Allison, and the other talented LA-area improvisors and clown-folk who assembled this skin-toned abomination.

Too Many Cooks – A Tour De Force of 80s Sitcom Surrealism

Casper Kelly is the Salvador Dali of uncomfortably long 80s trope-fests.  His masterwork, Too Many Cooks, is a sewn together series of shorts that aired on stoner cartoon haven, Adult Swim.  The video’s references are vast, covering the gamut from Family Matters, The Brady Bunch, Married with Children, Step By Step, Law & Order, Battlestar Galactica, Roseanne, The Cosby Show, Thundercats and GI Joe.  The video is haunted by a serial killer who, as some reviewers have noted, bears a resemblance to Slavoj Zizek.  I will say no more, and simply allow Too Many Cooks to mindworm its way into your brain and lay eggs deep in your subconscious.


The End of An Emu

As you may have guessed from the silence around these parts – the emu-themed blog action has wound down to an end. I want to thank everyone who has followed the journey of this video-centric blog since its inception in January of 2009. The podcast won’t be affected by this change – it will still sling your usual doses of radio improvisational discussion-ness every now and again.

For those interested in video-related postings – you can follow me on Twitter, or check out my video favorites on Frequency.

Saving that, I give you Meppers the last video – as I toss this blog off the proverbial cliff. Enjoy, be well, and keep mepping.

What’s Due Process Again?

Leave it to Andy Griffith to remind us of the principle of due process of law – and the reason why the Patriot Act is an abominable document.

Olberman on Hicks

Was surprised to learn that Keith Olberman is yet another Bill Hicks disciple. I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the anti-authoritarian, silly streak in both of them. Yet, this was a pleasant and totally unexpected convergence. Happy to have attended the LA premiere of this.

Facebook Russian Roulette

Want to play. Badly. Mao. MAO! MAO! MAO! (BLAM)