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Mep Report #152: A Star is Born


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For the 152nd Time!
Trump’s Final Four
Mepper Milestones
Birth of Future Movie Star Lulu Gooberman
Swimming Like a Sperm
TrumpTreason? (TM)
The Art of the Fail
Storey Presents #UnpopularOpinions
Do We Care About Climate Change?
Maintenance v. Growth
Extra-Stemmy Stem Cells
Russ’ Super-Knees

Mep Report #150: The Urban Adventures Episode


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More Wilsons Than There Have Ever Been Before
How The Last Bookstore Got its Name
Storey Drives Drunk… People
Grand Theft Uber
Greg’s Tipping Point
Danger New Orleans
Driving as an RPG
CashCab Confessions
Lost in DisneyWorld
Jailbyrd: the Prison App

Mep Report #138: This is Not a Rabbit


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Storey Definitely Doesn’t Have a Rabbit, How Many Superheroes Can We Fit on the Head of a Pin?, Jurassic Minecraft, Camelot Unchained, Death Comes for the RPGer, Greg Fears the Sex Scene, Rachel Doelezal, The Future is Now, and Science Fiction is Hogwash.

Spas, Hordes, and Kings (Mep Report #125)

Greg Runs the Gauntlet of the Spa Castle, Uniforms Vs. Au Natural: Fight!, To Every Horde, Turn, Turn, Turn, The Horror of Red Bumperman, The Joy of Having One’s Skin Ripped Off, and Zombie Kings.

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Maybe, just maybe, there is a future for us.

Every once in a while, I’m reminded of why I love literature…and why, just maybe, the future isn’t as bleak as everyone seems to be fond of predicting these days.

In Defense of Teachers.

Better than blaming Canada.

Teachers are used to working with less.  Primary school teachers are used to buying basic classroom supplies out of their own salaries; secondary school teachers are used to teaching with classrooms at double or more capacity; post secondary teachers at all levels are used to ever increasing demands from multiple masters (publish now, do committee work now, teach now, advise now…everything now, or preferably yesterday).  I’ve taught at all these levels, and most of the teachers I know accept their respective situations with a shrug and a sense of humor (there’s a reason the teachers’ lounge is the most important room in any school building for the people to whom it caters).

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Flintstones Vitamins Placed in Birthday Cakes Nationwide (Mep Report #122)

Lecturing Prison Gangs, Michael Richards Riot Redux, Fantasy Theater of the Abhorrent, Know Your Audience, Don’t Celebrate Mediocrity; Celebrate the Jersey Shore, Malnourished Pet Superheroes, And the Legend of Ten Fists and the Lost Soul Fragments.

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How to make your baby or toddler go insane…

Okay, so little babies like to take their socks off….and that is just so annoying because who wants a sock-less baby? That’s about as bad as a baseball player without a codpiece.  So we gotta do something about that–and now we can, thanks, again, to our friends at One Step Ahead (those friends who are always…one step ahead of us…).

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Handy Manny promotes running with saws!


In a recent episode of Handy Manny titled “Home Sweet Home,” a neighborhood child plays a dangerous game of duck, duck, goose called “nut, nut, bolt” with the tools (click on the episode title, watch or skip intro, and then click the scroll bar to -03:22 to see the abhorrent scene).

Headgear for “special” parents

baby head gear

For too long babies who had plagiocephaly were the only ones who had to wear headgear.  They were “special” babies who needed to have a little help to make sure their head shape turned out normal as they grew.

Now, thanks to a new product on the market, “special” parents can put their babies in headgear too.  The Thudguard ensures that their babies will not lose brain cells bumping their heads against furniture like everyone elses babies; in a sense leveling the future playing field one fall at a time.