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See A Guitar

From the inside, with new eyes – so long as those eyes are copyrighted by Apple Corp.

Thanks to Aaron from Clarion Content for the heads up.

Rough Island Classic

Paul Simon is not easy to improve upon – and I’m not saying it was done successfully here. But it’s hard to argue with a banjoist sitting on a creek in a fireman’s coat.


You blew it all up, you damned dirty buffalo!

Hasa Diga Eebowai

From the new Broadway sensation, “The Book of Mormon” comes the most outstanding showtune I’ve ever heard. Warning: This song is NSFW and NSFChurch.

Hasa Diga Eebowai

Roll a d6, baby!

There’s awesome, and then there’s awesome squared.

Welcome to the latter.

I Think I’m Noam Chomsky

Epic hip-hop libertarian-socialist commentary WIN.

The Cosby Step

Really enlightening tutorial remix entitled “How to Dance to Dubstep.” Incidentally, this is also the universal mating dance for Jello Pudding Pop Aficionados.

Das Pop: The Game

I’m going to award an early Emu Peck of the Week to this righteous AMV that seems to draw its coloring and alienness from the 1981 classic Heavy Metal. It hits me directly in the center of my sci-fi erogenous zone.

Das Pop: The Game from Big Active on Vimeo.

Which Seat Can I Take?

Half the Meppers now officially work with undergraduates and Russ works on the Internet, so everyone should be aware of the insane viral hit “Friday” by Rebecca Black. What you might not realize is that the song is actually a work of genius that was just sung wrong in the original and salvaged in this cover version:

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Vatican Assassin Warlocks

Experimental music video featuring a techno-warlock. Why not?

Zaptra – “The Wise” Music Video from Danny Kim on Vimeo.