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You should know by now that I always appreciate metaphysically reflective mashups. Bonus points to this piece for pulling material from They Live, Zeitgeist, and Bill Hicks.

Olberman on Hicks

Was surprised to learn that Keith Olberman is yet another Bill Hicks disciple. I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the anti-authoritarian, silly streak in both of them. Yet, this was a pleasant and totally unexpected convergence. Happy to have attended the LA premiere of this.

The Despondancy of Synecdoche

I don’t know how I missed it in its original go-round, and am a little bit irritated at my digital arts media fare for not calling attention to it sooner, but Synecdoche, New York, may be the finest film I’ve ever seen. This piece is almost completely indescribable. It is an Escher-ian meta story that swallows its own tail. The glut of surrealism contained within can cause temporary psychosis, though – so fair warning. Anyway, have a monologue:

The Last Glimpse

Ever think to yourself, boy, I really hated the execution of Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void, but loved the concept. Could you maybe find a Native American version based on an ancient Sanskrit epic without the gratuitous sex and violence? Yes, says the internets, I believe we have that.

Existentialist Star Wars

Why must everything be guided by Force? Isn’t a lack of Force the seedling from which transcendence emerges?

American: The Bill Hicks Story

An absolute must-see documentary that premieres this weekend in selected theaters. For those not in the know, Bill Hicks, is considered one of the patron saints of contemporary stand up comedians. He used comedy as a conduit to changing people’s perceptions about their world. In doing so, he levied the harshest possible criticisms of the status quo, while seemingly remaining completely uncorrupted by the forces that pulled at him as his celebrity grew.

Know Thyself

Thought provoking montage of quotes + imagery set to Clint Mansell’s The Fountain soundtrack = attention capture win.


New evidence that the internet is making traditional media sources obsolete. After all, without it, we likely never would have seen the long-awaited vampire-themed sequel to When Harry Met Sally.

Ferris Goes Indie

Great recut trailer of Ferris Buehler’s Day Off in the style of something akin to 500 Days of Summer. Hat tip to Aaron Mandel for the linkage.

Vader & I

Fantastic homage to British comedy, Withnail & I.