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The End of An Emu

As you may have guessed from the silence around these parts – the emu-themed blog action has wound down to an end. I want to thank everyone who has followed the journey of this video-centric blog since its inception in January of 2009. The podcast won’t be affected by this change – it will still sling your usual doses of radio improvisational discussion-ness every now and again.

For those interested in video-related postings – you can follow me on Twitter, or check out my video favorites on Frequency.

Saving that, I give you Meppers the last video – as I toss this blog off the proverbial cliff. Enjoy, be well, and keep mepping.

Is Perfect Girl…Perfect? (Mep Report #127)

Perfect Girl Exposed! (No, It’s Not What You Think), Shrooms Exposed! (No, That’s Not What You Think Either), Russ Wins at 12th Dimensional Chess, Jackie Hates Perfect Girl, How Long Does It Take to Write the Perfect Text, Always Carry the One When Calculating the Rapture, When Atheists Attack, and Storey Exposed! (No, It’s…Well, Maybe It Is What You Think).

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A Feathered Friend

Came across a Reddit user today by the name of AParanoidEmu. Today he was calling the internet Hive Mind’s attention to the Great Emu War, an Australian military campaign designed to eradicate 20,000 brave Emus who refused to leave their homeland.

If you should happen to participate in the Reddit community, I urge you to make contact. He tirelessly champions the cause of emus on Reddit, and we here at TMR salute him. Mep, to you, sir.

Big Bird – Small State

As many of you know, it is our sworn duty here at the Mep Report, not only to report on the pressing human issues of our day, but of the Emu-related ones as well. It seems as if one of our flightless brethren escaped his confines in a Rhode Island farm and is currently AWOL. We wish him a safe journey while he’s on the lamb.

So It Went

Last night I frequented a local theater production of Slaughterhouse Five featuring the surprisingly versatile Lily Vonnegut.

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Indy Film Packs Quite a Punch

It’s been a tough few months for me personally (hence my distance from the land of the Emu), but there is catharsis to be found in this film, written and directed by Mep fan and friend Pete Lee:

This Close or This Far from Peter Lee on Vimeo.

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The Ultimate Promo

For those of you keen to download The Ultimate Promo (as heard in Mep 122), you can do so here.

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First World Problems

Forgive the recent spate of inactivity. The Meppers are just recovering from our quasi-annual Mep Conference and Retreat in the bowels of Beverly Hills, California. While the Wilsons had to be tele-conferenced in at the last moment, we were able to cover many pressing Mep-issues of the day, not limited to setting appearance dates for various upcoming nerd-culture conferences and determining a winner in the Outdated Version of FIFA Soccer Challenge.

And now, a mostly unrelated hip hop video entitled “First World Problems,” which should make all of you feel terrible about yourselves — or at least about your griping.

Emu Evades Cops

Perhaps in reaction to yesterday’s post, wherein the emu discovered that the police were not on his side, a South Carolina emu hoofed it away from law enforcement today.

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Time for Madness

Hey Everybody! Come join our bracket pick-em…

Click here to join the Meppers in the fun…

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