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Captain Picard Receives a Very Disturbing Message

I’m not entirely sure why Star Trek: The Next Generation has stuck in the minds of so many mashup artists. Most likely it has to do with the timing of the show, arriving in the early 1990s just in time to conquer the brain-spaces of kids who grew up to be today’s internet meme-creators. Admittedly, Captain Picard’s face is a very comforting one. His deeply concerned reaction to the ravings of an aphasia-stricken television reporter is priceless.

Modern “Art” is Trash… Literally

Not to take the debate back to Greg’s and my epic battle over the Rose Art Museum, but this example of modern art is where most such “art” belongs – in the landfill.

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We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Otherwise known as, we probably have no genuinely new ideas. Ever.

Egypt: A Nation Forced Offline

The Internet has become the lifeblood of Democracy. It’s up to all of us to speak for those who do not have it – or who have had it taken away. I think I safely speak for all Meppers when I say that our thoughts and hopes are with our brothers and sisters in Tunisia and Egypt who have risen up against their oppressors.

FYI, here is a fantastic video feed that has continuous updates on anything that breaks in Egypt.

Did You Read That?

…thing from the lefty blog with the flightless bird mascot about how modern civilization is a farce? Yeah, I totally read that.

The Hive Mind’s Catalog of Everything

Wikipedia is quickly becoming the most used, most revered source of information the planet. As vast as it is currently, it could still be only a seedling for a future Encyclopedia Galactica-scale compendium. Here’s a great infographic explaining how wiikipedia works (including the strata and rankings for high-level Wikipedia dorks — err.. moderators)

Apples and oranges.

I’ve always felt the turning point in the 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign was the moment when the sight of then-candidate Barack Obama after wrapping up the Democratic nomination was almost immediately contrasted with now-failed-candidate and angry man John McCain, in front of a sickening green background and performing to an audience which sounded more like a canned laugh track, giving a nasty, pitiful screed about the man who would trounce him in the election only a few months later.  One man represented the best of what America would like to imagine itself as–intelligent, broad-minded, appealing to the better angels of our nature–and the other represented the impossibly tired bitterness of a rapidly disappearing part of our society.  The choice, and thus result, was never more stark.

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A Magical Land of Brain Death

Those of you familiar with the podcast, know my feelings on Disney. More than a land of magic, and reverie, and joy, it is a land of price-gouging, irrational exuberance, and toy-fetishism. Not to put too fine a point on it, Disney Propaganda can explain the specific psychoses of a huge number of American adults (largely women).

Given that, hearing about the inner workings of DisneyCorp, was an irresistible opportunity.

No one could have predicted…

Beyond expressing my sorrow for the lost and injured and all those affected by this tragedy, I have little to say about the horrific events in Arizona yesterday except one thing.  Regular Mep readers / listeners will know all of us here put a high value on communication and the power of rhetoric; the two greatest speakers of the twentieth century (arguably) were Martin Luther King and Adolf Hitler, and I don’t think anyone needs a cheat sheet to determine which person pursued the good and which the evil.  What yesterday conclusively, definitively proves is that rhetoric is not an unalloyed good.  It is a neutral tool, and it has consequences. 

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A Latter-Day Prophet/Pundit

Been staying up past my bedtime and re-watching Network. If you’re not familiar, the Paddy Chayefsky creation is one of the finest screenplays ever written. It also eerily predicts the rise of pundit-driven entertainment/news. Many commentators have noted that NewsCorp’s Glenn Beck is a rather transparent re-creation of Howard Beale…

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