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Judge a Book by THIS Cover

Been meaning to pimp this site for a while now. Hours of entertaining book summaries ahead that will save you countless days you could actually spend reading instead. Now you can laugh instead of read. That’s the future of English, right Professor Wilson?

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Maybe, just maybe, there is a future for us.

Every once in a while, I’m reminded of why I love literature…and why, just maybe, the future isn’t as bleak as everyone seems to be fond of predicting these days.

So It Went

Last night I frequented a local theater production of Slaughterhouse Five featuring the surprisingly versatile Lily Vonnegut.

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Night of the Living Trekkies

Two overexposed memes just had a baby full of awesome. It’s too bad this isn’t a real movie.

Night of the Living Trekkies: Book Trailer from R. Giskard Reventlov on Vimeo.

Time Travel Complications

The issue of Earth’s movement along its orbit is something flux capacitor- obsessed sci-fi authors and screenwriters rarely acknowledge. Perhaps in some future sci-fi story, the author will restrict time travel to events that happened on the same calendar day as the departure, to prevent the Earth movement problem.

For more on the geographical aspects of time, see Claytonian Time.

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From the Church of Latter Day Demons

Feeling the holiday season doldrums? Why not open up new terrifying vistas of reality with the Necronomicon? And, if you purchase one in the next two minutes, you’ll receive an ebony Chtulhu-style sacrificial blade at no extra cost!

Book Quiz II

The twelfth Blue Pyramid quiz has been launched!

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What is The Third Sign?

It’s a puzzling question, especially if you’re one of the thousands who attended Gen Con 2009, the premier gaming and geek convention in the world…as you’ll see in this video. But the answer is out there: check this out for the scoop.

Twilight: New Moon – Old Hat


I attended the midnight premiere of teeny-bopper sensation Twilight: New Moon, this morning. Having re-read that sentence after writing it, I am probably as baffled as you are as to why I agreed to go along with it. Suffice to say, I have a friend who is a big Twilight fan, and I didn’t want her to have to brave the crowd alone, so agreed to do a solid for her while also fulfilling a morbid curiosity to figure out what this Twilight phenomenon was all about.

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The Adventures of Lil’ Cthulhu

Here’s a whimsical piece on the meager beginnings of Goldmann Sachs. Whoops, I suppose this is actually about another Great Devouring Vampire Squid — Cthulhu.