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Interstellar — A Journey To Nowhere


Having just returned from the Arclight Cinemadome, having watched Christopher Nolan’s three-hour love letter to Stanley Kubrick on a ghetto-IMAX 70mm screen, I am resisting the urge to tear it apart. After all:

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Mep Report #128: Back from the Dead


After almost three and a half years without a podcast, The Mep Report is officially back!

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Just in time for Halloween, the Meppers are back from the dead! Hear Greg, Russ, and Storey relate what they’ve been up to the last forty months of wandering in the desert.

Expect more regular podcasts to come!

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Olberman on Hicks

Was surprised to learn that Keith Olberman is yet another Bill Hicks disciple. I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the anti-authoritarian, silly streak in both of them. Yet, this was a pleasant and totally unexpected convergence. Happy to have attended the LA premiere of this.

Ancient Comedy Jedi

There’s a reason that Conan O’Brien yawns at the sight of Tom Cruise, but gets all jittery when in the presence of Jonathan Winters.

American: The Bill Hicks Story

An absolute must-see documentary that premieres this weekend in selected theaters. For those not in the know, Bill Hicks, is considered one of the patron saints of contemporary stand up comedians. He used comedy as a conduit to changing people’s perceptions about their world. In doing so, he levied the harshest possible criticisms of the status quo, while seemingly remaining completely uncorrupted by the forces that pulled at him as his celebrity grew.

Why Everything Sucks

Craig Fergusen with some unusual insight into the demographic targets of our consumer culture. Leave it to a Scotsman to solve our problems of perception for us.

Waxing Philosophically with Eddie Lauter

Went to the park last weekend to catch up on some reading. One of my little known habits is that I prefer to sit on the bleachers, in view of an empty baseball field. For some reason, I’ve always found baseball fields to be a very calming presence, and good for doing serious thinking. I was sitting there pouring through Joseph Campbell’s Occidental Mythology, when an older man in a tracksuit walked over, glanced up at me, and said, “They got any chinning bars around here?” Continue reading “Waxing Philosophically with Eddie Lauter” »

We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Otherwise known as, we probably have no genuinely new ideas. Ever.

The World is Fake (Mep Report #124)

Greg Gets a Mortgage (and Becomes an Adult), Russ Gets a Bear (and Becomes a Psychic), Storey Gets a Twin (and Becomes a Skeptic), Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel Destroy Society One Video Game at a Time, The Meppers Get Immersed, and Everything is Awesome In Sloooooowwww-Moooooo.

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Taking Congress Seriously.

This is mindblowingly brilliant…and perhaps the best use of a Congressional hearing in decades.  Proof that this hits home: the face of bigoted jackass Rep. Steve King, who understands the target of the joke.  I’d ask the Republicans who don’t understand to read up on Voltaire, but I doubt they’d get the reference.