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Bring Forth The Immortal Moles


Hello internet crickets and empty void. It is I, Russ. I would not be authoring this were it not for a mind-numbing, world-is-a-grapefruit-like coincidence of immense proportions. Via this three year old BBC News Health article, there is a going scientific theory that the number of moles you have can be an indicator of the length of your telomeres.

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Mep Report 116–Limb Regeneration in Infants

In this final part of our video highlight series from Mep Report 116, Russ explains his theories on spontaneous regeneration of body parts in infants.  Everyone is skeptical.  (Be on the lookout for the full audio version of MR116, coming soon!)

Mep Report 116 – Limb Regeneration in Infants from Laserfalcon on Vimeo.

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The World of TMR

For those of you still a bit confused as to why a giant emu seems to be staring you down while you seek out new and creative ways to humiliate the AIG company, look hither.

Here is our official promo spot, lost into the aether until today’s posting…

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And here is our last posted podcast episode, number eleventy-one:

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Russ Feels an Earthquake (TMR Highlight)

This is the first highlight we ever cut from a TMR episode.

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MacRussell the Hangersmith (TMR Highlight)

Some golden Mep Lore here. This all took place during the debate world championships in Glasgow, Scotland (2001).

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Superman doing the Timewarp (TMR Highlight)

Fun with harmony.

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Nazi Mime (TMR Highlight)

This highlight was so popular, it spawned its own t-shirt.

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Chipmunks Discussing Fantasy Football (TMR Highlight)

Title says it all.

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A Musical Interlude (TMR Highlight)

Meppers Singing.

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Ranting about (TMR Highlight)

Russ’s tendency of flaming things he’s had a bad experience with.

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