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Mep Report #129: Gooberman vs. the United States

Noted patriot Russ Gooberman challenges the NSA, US foreign policy, and campaign finance in the latest episode.

Noted patriot Russ Gooberman challenges the NSA, US foreign policy, and campaign finance in the latest episode.

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Russ Is Caught–In the Net!; Ebola’s Gonna Get You (Unless Mitch McConnell Can Stop It); ISIS, ISIL, ISEETHISISNTWORKING; Hypocrisy for the Win; Elections Have Consequences; and How Many Emus Can Dance on the Head of a Mep Coin?

Bring Forth The Immortal Moles


Hello internet crickets and empty void. It is I, Russ. I would not be authoring this were it not for a mind-numbing, world-is-a-grapefruit-like coincidence of immense proportions. Via this three year old BBC News Health article, there is a going scientific theory that the number of moles you have can be an indicator of the length of your telomeres.

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She Loves You, Mep, Mep, Mep (Mep Report #126)

Give a Man a Quarter and He Can Play One Game, Teach Him to Write in Basic and He Can Feed a Village (Really), They Don’t Make Video Games the Way They Used To (and Get Off My Lawn!), Russ Can’t Help Falling In Love…Again…, Is This the Text That Launched a Thousand Ships?, How Rabbits From Certain Places Can Help You Recover Your Voice, How Many Meppers Does It Take to Get One Mepper a Date, Angry Pictures are Angry, and Chemistry = Not Fat.

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Gimme Mah Nucular Pills!

Much like Texas, everything in America is done in a big way. We don’t half-ass things – we fully-ass them. So, while Japan is reacting to a totally legitimate and quantifiable crisis caused by a natural disaster, Americans are panicking at the hoaxy spectacle of radioactive particles traveling 5,000 miles and settling right on top of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles…

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Spas, Hordes, and Kings (Mep Report #125)

Greg Runs the Gauntlet of the Spa Castle, Uniforms Vs. Au Natural: Fight!, To Every Horde, Turn, Turn, Turn, The Horror of Red Bumperman, The Joy of Having One’s Skin Ripped Off, and Zombie Kings.

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The Health Care Red Herring

The big political news today is the new Congress’s attempts to rescind Obamacare. As a consummate radical, I actually believe they’re doing the right thing, if for the wrong reasons. Mandatory private health care does nothing but prop up a staggeringly broken system. Dennis Kucinich elucidates the reasons that our for-profit health care system will always lag behind the rest of the world. And he does it in one minute flat:

Sure, It Sounds Delicious…

If you learn one thing from the Mep Report, let it be this: Do not ever fry gnocchi. That is all.

Two Centuries in Four Minutes

Hans Rosling and his team of statisticians organized an unfathomably huge swath of historical health statistics since the beginning of the 19th century. The results are eye-opening.

Religion – The Bad Parent

One of my favorite YouTube pages, TheraminTrees, recently released an addendum video to its series on Transactional Analysis. Here, the narrator is presenting the psychological basis for religious fundamentalism, and much of it comes from an implanted desire to chastise, scold, and belittle others.

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Russians Develop Anti-Aging Drug

A powerful anti-oxidant could be the first wave in a bio-medical revolution that changes the face of humanity… To zombie-faces.