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Finding Klaus

An interview I conducted with the elusive Klaus Pierre in his posh new Los Angeles surroundings.

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Mep Report #93

(Guest Co-host: Kevin Grinberg) Metier Me, Fictional Portals to Hell, Militarizing North Korea’s De-militarized Zone, The Gatorade Center for High Fructose Corn Syrup Pouring, Word Empowering, Elementary Racism by Dr. Watson, Deterrence via Overreaction, Greg’s Tales of Road Rage, and Can the Elderly Competently Commit Felonies?

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Mep Report #67

(Guest: David Rees) Live Coverage of the Mooninite Invasion of Boston, Storey Steps on a Needle (and Fails to Make the Others Laugh), Storey Visits Hell Through a Dose of Vicodin, Back to Boston, the Mep Report Hilton-Hoax, Barbaro’s Personal Assistant, Sarcasm Personified, David Rees Changes Exactly One Person’s Mind About the War on Terrorism, and Fumbling Towards Entropy.

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Mep Report #54

(Guest: Charles Cadenhead) Timeliness, the Crazy Asian Band,, the Quadfecta, the Clown-Stripper Portion of 9/11, Terror Strikes Staten Island, Schwarzenegger vs. Huffington, Tactical Nukes,, Storey Calls Out the Nielsen Ratings, and a Whole New Meaning to Political Exchange.

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Mep Report #53

(Guest: Yoni Newman) Your Cheatin’ Rogers, Baseball Law, Deterrent by Death, Chevy Propaganda Conquers the USA, Bush Both Does and Does Not Change His Iraq Policy, Hugo for Security, Midterm Election Preview, Giant Roosters, the Canadian Government, Struggles with Swearing, and Mep Report Authors.

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Mep Report #50

50th Episode Megashow, with Special Guests Jordan Segal, Emily Clayton, Clea Wilson, Steve Lubitz, and Jeff Delacorte… 20% More Storey, Russ’ Trip Down J-Date Lane, Alien Babies, Storey Wrestles Nutrition, Happiness Debated, Flirty Foley, THE Greg Wilson, Screwed in Sacramento, Miscarriage Trauma, Fantasy Football, and Our Biggest Fan.

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Mep Report #47

(Guest: Emily Clayton) Storey Commits Seppuku on his Pinky, 2 Out of 3 Meppers Don’t Use Doctors, 85% Incompetence, In Case of Subaru Break Glass, Flaming Napkins, Parking Lot Vultures, Vioxxalypse Now, Wasted Potential, and a Meptrack of Our Lives.

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Mep Report #33

(Guest: Kevin Grinberg), Fun with Anne Coulter, Russ Learns from a Blind Date, Wrestling with Analogies, Two Indian Tech Supporters Battle for the Heart and Mind of Greg, X3 Spoiled, Veronica Mars vs. Rachel in Africa, the Ministry of Silly Names, and Prince’s Credit Rating.

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Mep Report #32

(Guests: Steve & Maureen Lubitz), The Bush/Gump Conspiracy, the Women of Catan, Andy Crashes a High School Dance, The Ethics of Dance-Rejection, Wherever Yugo I will Follow, Storey Brings the Hate, Andy’s Deaf Ear Explained, and a Wicked Good Sit In.

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Mep Report #31

(Guest: Jordan Segal), Storey Transcends Life as a Grapefruit, Russ Finds a New Friendster, The Even-Numbered Principle Explained, Hot Elevator Lovin’, Troubleshooting Russ’ Dilemma in the Face, and a 28-Hour Roadtrip with the Emu.

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