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You should know by now that I always appreciate metaphysically reflective mashups. Bonus points to this piece for pulling material from They Live, Zeitgeist, and Bill Hicks.

Dude, I Am You

Decided to pair up this image I came across recently, with the following video. If you don’t get goosebumps from either or both, you should probably go off your prescription meds for a little while.

Kudos to Berto, on the video catch.

Yelm Strikes Again: Troop Waterboards Kid

Don’t think the moral lines are being blurred by those asked to go to war for the ideals of torturing people born in a different place?

Think again.

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Christmas Abuses (or ‘Bah Humbug’)

Everyone’s favorite Emilio Estevez sibling was in the news today for allegedly “breaking several pairs of eyeglasses” in front of his wife during a Christmas tirade. The horror!

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Mel Gibson Co-opts Our Deity


This is a tough one to bear. Above, is a picture of nutbar Mel Gibson wielding a beaver puppet. Allegedly, this is all for an upcoming Jodie Foster directed film entitled, “The Beaver.”

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And Now For Your Daily Resurrection

This remarkable video was shot by a ski team in Haines Alaska. The skier/cameraman falls prey to an avalanche and is completely submerged under a mountain of snow.

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Mep Report 116–Russ Gets His Graduate Degree

Part two of our video highlight series. In this extended clip, Russ desperately tries to explain why anyone should take a Universal Life Church degree seriously.

Russ Gets his Graduate Degree (Mep Report 116 Highlight) from Laserfalcon on Vimeo.

Man Gains Holy Tasering Power

This man has the tongue of a poet, the speed of a gazelle, and the mind of a stewed cantaloupe.

“All I did was change my name, and your evil witch queen said it’s not allowed to be!”

Mep Chronicles: The Death of Storibald


Today we revisit one of the most impactful moments in the history of TMR. Episode 86 marked the departure of Mepper Storey. While he was partially resurrected in Episode 95, he merely was able to roam the Mep landscape as a tortilla-eating zombie.

Here is the official sendoff for Storey as recorded by the Mep deity known as the Giant Flying Beaver that Rules the Universe:

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Religious Artifact

I’m not a full-fledged Pastafarian, but I’m definitely a sympathizer. Below, you’ll find an old Pastafarian parable of the first true test of the One True Noodly Deity, the Flying Spaghetti Monster…