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Nature Misses You

Which is a much nicer way of saying that you are murdering your Earth Mother – or similar guilt-targeted enviro campaigns.


I’m thinking of taking a little scenic tour up Sepulveda, this weekend. Should be a pleasant little jaunt. Who’s with me?

I Think I’m Noam Chomsky

Epic hip-hop libertarian-socialist commentary WIN.

Even Atheists are Blessed

Richard Dawkins puts a human lifespan in an alien, yet refreshing context.

Gimme Mah Nucular Pills!

Much like Texas, everything in America is done in a big way. We don’t half-ass things – we fully-ass them. So, while Japan is reacting to a totally legitimate and quantifiable crisis caused by a natural disaster, Americans are panicking at the hoaxy spectacle of radioactive particles traveling 5,000 miles and settling right on top of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles…

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Spas, Hordes, and Kings (Mep Report #125)

Greg Runs the Gauntlet of the Spa Castle, Uniforms Vs. Au Natural: Fight!, To Every Horde, Turn, Turn, Turn, The Horror of Red Bumperman, The Joy of Having One’s Skin Ripped Off, and Zombie Kings.

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Welcome to 2011, Have an Omen

Thousands of dead blackbirds plummeted out of the sky and fell on Beebe, Arkansas this morning. Though this is hardly a novel occurrence, it may be that the planet is trying to tell us something — in the way of a choking victim desperately pleading for a Heilmlich…

Seventy Hundred Million

Our population doesn’t sound so massive when it’s in those terms, does it? Nor when it is explained that, shoulder to shoulder, the world’s population could fit in Los Angeles. If only we didn’t eat, burn, and crap so much, we could totally sustain this species.

Manifesting Bio-Fuels

Scientists at the California Institute of Technology claim to be one step closer to mimicking plant-like energy production in the lab. Apparently using a Cesium-Oxygen-Nitrogen mixture, they can create a potent fuel from scratch using concentrated sunlight as the only catalyst.

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Eat It, Malthus

In the 19th century, British Economist Thomas Malthus, famously predicted that while societal food production can only grow numerically (due to limitations in technological development) population grows exponentially. He concluded that overpopulation would inevitably overburden and overwhelm our resources. And, he may be correct in that projection. But his premise of exponential population growth has taken a few hits recently: