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The Consequences of Capitalism

While I’m not sure it can quite measure up to Russ’ brilliant video link from the other day in concision, it must be noted that capitalism is unfortunately pervasive beyond domestic borders. Thus I proudly present the Consequences of Capitalism Quiz:

In case you’re wondering what I got, it’s this:
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Facebook Russian Roulette

Want to play. Badly. Mao. MAO! MAO! MAO! (BLAM)

Roll a d6, baby!

There’s awesome, and then there’s awesome squared.

Welcome to the latter.

Das Pop: The Game

I’m going to award an early Emu Peck of the Week to this righteous AMV that seems to draw its coloring and alienness from the 1981 classic Heavy Metal. It hits me directly in the center of my sci-fi erogenous zone.

Das Pop: The Game from Big Active on Vimeo.

A Feathered Friend

Came across a Reddit user today by the name of AParanoidEmu. Today he was calling the internet Hive Mind’s attention to the Great Emu War, an Australian military campaign designed to eradicate 20,000 brave Emus who refused to leave their homeland.

If you should happen to participate in the Reddit community, I urge you to make contact. He tirelessly champions the cause of emus on Reddit, and we here at TMR salute him. Mep, to you, sir.

Role Playas

Fridays have more of a typical significance these days, in the life of this Mepper. That being the case, this animated piece screams Mep Friday, despite the fact that I uninstalled World of Warcraft last night. Oh noes, the Alliance is doomed!

A Pink Odyssey

For those of you who may or may not enjoy quasi-legal forms of entertainment, this may enhance your own internal odyssey. It’s the final sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey, with the soundtrack replaced by Pink Floyd: Echoes. This is the lesser known version of playing Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, to a sequence in the Wizard of Oz. And the payoff is quite good.

Happy Turkey Day

Here’s a Thanksviging-y Mep classic to celebrate your food coma.

Maybe, just maybe, there is a future for us.

Every once in a while, I’m reminded of why I love literature…and why, just maybe, the future isn’t as bleak as everyone seems to be fond of predicting these days.

So It Went

Last night I frequented a local theater production of Slaughterhouse Five featuring the surprisingly versatile Lily Vonnegut.

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