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Courage. Competence. Commitment.

Amidst the Professional Left’s sackcloth and ashes routine about a debt deal result which they helped engineer–by kneecapping President Obama at every turn and depressing turnout in the midterm elections, giving us Speaker Boehner and the petulant childrenunrepentant racists/mighty party of Tea–was this extraordinary sight:

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Cultural Capitalism

Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizzek argues here that acts of charity within corrupted capitalist societies do nothing but perpetuate harmful economic systems. Only the allowance of unabashed cruelty can accelerate the demise of such systems.

Greeks Brace for Spartan Existence Post-Austerity

Is it just me, or is international economic dialogue thousands of grade levels above that of the US?

The Consequences of Capitalism

While I’m not sure it can quite measure up to Russ’ brilliant video link from the other day in concision, it must be noted that capitalism is unfortunately pervasive beyond domestic borders. Thus I proudly present the Consequences of Capitalism Quiz:

In case you’re wondering what I got, it’s this:
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Orwellian Austerity

In this Russia Today snippet, financial muckraker Max Keiser is scratching the surface of something very interesting. In discussing societies that engage in ‘financial repression’ Keiser sees a US in which saving money is not only considered passe, but is actively discouraged. And while it could be argued that we’ve already been doing this for over a decade, imagine a future in which more draconian penalties are associated with those who refuse to live paycheck to paycheck. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine a government that would seek to punish the un-patriotic activity of selfishly holding back one’s savings rather than dumping it into our economy of debt.

Faceless Heroes

Anonymous made an appearance at the ever-growing (yet largely mass-media ignored) Wisconsin solidarity rally today. Meanwhile, a parallel branch released the following video condemning the Federal Reserve…

Why Everything Sucks

Craig Fergusen with some unusual insight into the demographic targets of our consumer culture. Leave it to a Scotsman to solve our problems of perception for us.

Adventures in Capitalism

From time to time, I use this space to relate my frustration with the trappings of capitalism and its various profit-motivated aggravations. It is a constant wonder to me how badly people will treat each other when small pieces of dirty green paper are on the line.

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Freedom Must be Earned

Apologies for the downtime here. There is so much to report, and so little time to do so. An unprecedented freedom movement has broken out through the entire region of North Africa and the Middle East. Tunisia’s dictator has been deposed. Protests are breaking out in Saudi Arabia. Martial law is being declared in Jordan. In Egypt, what was a peaceful protest has been turned into ugliness by a regime instigating chaos to manipulate the public. This video in particular was very hard to sit through and listen to.

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The World is Fake (Mep Report #124)

Greg Gets a Mortgage (and Becomes an Adult), Russ Gets a Bear (and Becomes a Psychic), Storey Gets a Twin (and Becomes a Skeptic), Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel Destroy Society One Video Game at a Time, The Meppers Get Immersed, and Everything is Awesome In Sloooooowwww-Moooooo.

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