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Mep Report #130: New Orleans Freezes Over

And you thought Katrina was bad!

And you thought Katrina was bad!

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Storey and The Big Freezy, GamerGateGoingGaga, Nice Guys Deserve–Nothing?, Gooberman Shrugged, Laser Falcon Will Destroy Your Face (If You Make a Noise), Storey Needs His Shady Avenue, and the Secret to Happiness is Abject Fear.

Is Perfect Girl…Perfect? (Mep Report #127)

Perfect Girl Exposed! (No, It’s Not What You Think), Shrooms Exposed! (No, That’s Not What You Think Either), Russ Wins at 12th Dimensional Chess, Jackie Hates Perfect Girl, How Long Does It Take to Write the Perfect Text, Always Carry the One When Calculating the Rapture, When Atheists Attack, and Storey Exposed! (No, It’s…Well, Maybe It Is What You Think).

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She Loves You, Mep, Mep, Mep (Mep Report #126)

Give a Man a Quarter and He Can Play One Game, Teach Him to Write in Basic and He Can Feed a Village (Really), They Don’t Make Video Games the Way They Used To (and Get Off My Lawn!), Russ Can’t Help Falling In Love…Again…, Is This the Text That Launched a Thousand Ships?, How Rabbits From Certain Places Can Help You Recover Your Voice, How Many Meppers Does It Take to Get One Mepper a Date, Angry Pictures are Angry, and Chemistry = Not Fat.

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The Apocalypse Will Be Massively Multiplayer (Mep Report #123)

Headlines Grate While Storey Updates, Bedbugs are Bed (Uh, Bad), Some People Call it a Unabomber…Russ Calls it a Beard (mmmhmm), Slide Whistles are Better Than Suicide, The Final Days of DAOC, The Second Coming (and Leaving) of Greg, Then Everyone Was a Jedi, and the Forecast is Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Apocalypse.

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Lay Off LeBron

And so, the ravenous sports media culture finds itself T +24 hours past their biggest scoop of the summer.

The anointed one, the most finely tuned athlete/behemoth ever to come out of Ohio has left his hometown team. Instead of staying put and playing basketball martyr, LeBron James has decided to join two of his closest athlete/behemoth friends to form a mini-Harlem Globetrotter team in South Beach.

So, for fear of having to return to baseball, the World Cup, and other summer sports fare, the sports media has turned its attention to the jilted Cleveland fanbase.

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OMG Facebook Party!!!

Here’s your newest Mep video, an admittedly crude social networking parody called “OMG Facebook Party!”

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NFL Seeks to Curb Excessive Popularity

raider fan

Faced with the prospect of becoming the most popular weekend pastime in the United States, the National Football League is taking drastic steps to withdraw from public view.

As reported by Time Magazine last week, the NFL has adopted a “blackout” policy, preventing local fans from viewing their team’s games if the game in question fails to sell out its tickets.

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The Time Traveler’s Wife: A Faux Sci-Fi Chick Flick Disaster

AM:TP final

Last night, at the behest of my girlfriend, I saw the steaming pile of mastodon dung known as The Time Traveler’s Wife. Going in without reading the novel, I carried several misconceptions about the movie. I will now disabuse you of any of said misconceptions that might cause you to accidentally watch this thing…

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Emu POTW: Second Skin

Back in the days of yore, we at the BBtv team covered the upcoming release of a documentary about MMORPGers called Second Skin.

Today, the entire film can be found on Hulu. So ready your supply of Doctor Pepper and Mountain Dew, jump into a nearby Teamspeak channel, and enjoy:

Sex and the City Spoof

Ok, this is probably borderline NSFW, but it’s too damn funny to pass up. Via cartoonist, Dan Meth.