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Roll a d6, baby!

There’s awesome, and then there’s awesome squared.

Welcome to the latter.

The Cosby Step

Really enlightening tutorial remix entitled “How to Dance to Dubstep.” Incidentally, this is also the universal mating dance for Jello Pudding Pop Aficionados.

Sexist Video Part Deux

“I’m trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful.”

Oh, Akon, you are such a gentleman.

“Nothing you can compare to your neighborhood Ho.”

Oh, stop!  You are too kind.

OMG Facebook Party!!!

Here’s your newest Mep video, an admittedly crude social networking parody called “OMG Facebook Party!”

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Housing Recovery: Really?

This is cross-posted from my blog, but I think it’s relevant since Russ has recently been egging on my naysaying. For the “wispy, ethereal” Mepper, I believe you’ll find a lot of hard numbers in here.

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Parents Euthanize Lame Gymnast

Wow. Just wow. I think the Onion may have just leveled up.