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Twitter Pitcher

If you haven’t caught on – Rangers pitcher CJ Wilson is set to dominate not only the AL West, but the Twitterverse, as well.

See A Guitar

From the inside, with new eyes – so long as those eyes are copyrighted by Apple Corp.

Thanks to Aaron from Clarion Content for the heads up.

A Corruption of Dependency

Internet Avatar Lessig speaks not of a dependency on people, but instead, an institutional dependency on money.

Wikileaks Goes Ad-Buster

Having dabbled in Mep-themed ‘Anti-Ads’ for several years, I was elated to see Wikileaks’ execution on this Mastercard spoof.

A Reassuring Fable

Part 3 of the Sagan series, a YouTube mashup string inspired by the works of astronomer and meta-human, Carl Sagan. Created by 25-year old Canadian philosophy student, Reid Gower.

The Freedom Suitcase

What? US funding is actually going towards this digital-activist-as-human-server project? Are we allowed to keep these domestically for use against Sony Corp?

Profound Weirdness in Nature

Casual physicist Aaron O’Connell explains how he turned a tiny piece of metal into a quantum object that violated the laws we assume apply to all things in our larger world.

Mozilla the Brave

While Google and Facebook actively conspire with government agents surveiling law-abiding US citizens, Mozilla Firefox stands alone as the only internet behemoth willing to buck the forces of censorship.

Facebook Russian Roulette

Want to play. Badly. Mao. MAO! MAO! MAO! (BLAM)

Merry Modern Passover

I readily admit, I am becoming less and less attached to what was once an important childhood tradition. Feel free to blame Joseph Campbell for this. Anyway, here’s a digital recap of that famous Egyptian/Babylonian/Sumerian Old Testament tale of the Sword in the Stone. By which, I mean the Staff in the Bush. With frogs… and… other magical stuffs.

Kudos to Aaron Mandel on the find.