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Mep Report #150: The Urban Adventures Episode


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More Wilsons Than There Have Ever Been Before
How The Last Bookstore Got its Name
Storey Drives Drunk… People
Grand Theft Uber
Greg’s Tipping Point
Danger New Orleans
Driving as an RPG
CashCab Confessions
Lost in DisneyWorld
Jailbyrd: the Prison App

Mep Report #146: Bernie vs. Hillary


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Very Early Sports Video Games
Fear and Boredom: the Great Motivators
The New York Times Hates Tetris
Dreaming of Chess
Complementary Activities
Drugs and Creativity
A Grand Debate on the State of the 2016 Election Featuring Bernie vs. Hillary
Bush and the Star Wars Prequels
Surprisingly Strong Independent Political Tickets
The Spoofy Origins of Bill Nye the Science Guy

Mep Report #136: Ronald Reagan, King of the Star-Murderers


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Remembering how Ronald Reagan forgot, Russ takes performance-enhancing drugs… for life, Russ embraces Hemingway and runs with the bulls, Box and won, Russ is as cold as ice – he wants you to sacrifice, Rutgers: home of unending disaster, Freely choosing to limit all future choices, Flowers for Gooberman, Gooberman’s Choice, Wilson’s Choice, Don’t Fear the Reaper?, Spoilers!, the further perfection of the King of the Star-Murderers, and baby boxing.

Mep Report #132: Greg Does Acupuncture!


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Never Have I Ever Had Needles Stuck In Me…Willingly, Everyone Loves Their Anesthesiologist (When They’re Asleep), Shady Items Bought From Shady Vans Are Shady, Old Coins Are Old, Putin Steals More Super Bowl Rings than Ukrainians, Greg Doesn’t Want Racist D-Bag Medals, and America is Burning (and How to Put It Out).

Sidenote: This is our 1,000th post on this site!

A Pink Odyssey

For those of you who may or may not enjoy quasi-legal forms of entertainment, this may enhance your own internal odyssey. It’s the final sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey, with the soundtrack replaced by Pink Floyd: Echoes. This is the lesser known version of playing Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, to a sequence in the Wizard of Oz. And the payoff is quite good.

Wake Up

The following piece features the voices of Joe Rogan, Bill Hicks, and the Bizarro Reagans. In posting this, I do not wish to convey that drugs are necessary to transcending the narrowness of your daily perceptions. They can help, if used properly. The real point is that it is your responsibility as a human to remain curious, to absorb more of the world than your traditional senses can impart, to access deeper parts of yourself. And, for the love of everything, you need to start doing this now.

Dr. Thomspon and Keith Richards

I don’t know if this really qualifies as human news, but, nevertheless, here’s a recently discovered old gem. It’s Hunter Thompson interviewing Keith Richards in 1993.

BoingBoingTV Epilogue

This video was released today by Beet.TV, offering an official explanation as to why BoingBoing has “ramped down” its video production since the Halcyon days of the daily BoingBoingTV show.

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Russians Develop Anti-Aging Drug

A powerful anti-oxidant could be the first wave in a bio-medical revolution that changes the face of humanity… To zombie-faces.

Tiger Woods Misses Cut at Humanity Invitational (Mep Report #120)

Greatness: Bought or Bred?, Tiger’s Scruples vs. Big Mac’s Deltoids, Philandering Ad Campaigns, Glorifying the A-Political, and Uplifting the Downtrodden One Category at a Time.

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