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Mep Report #128: Back from the Dead


After almost three and a half years without a podcast, The Mep Report is officially back!

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Just in time for Halloween, the Meppers are back from the dead! Hear Greg, Russ, and Storey relate what they’ve been up to the last forty months of wandering in the desert.

Expect more regular podcasts to come!

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Ancient Comedy Jedi

There’s a reason that Conan O’Brien yawns at the sight of Tom Cruise, but gets all jittery when in the presence of Jonathan Winters.

Hired Goons

An old Fry and Laurie sketch that may be more prophetic than they anticipated.

The Apocalypse Will Be Massively Multiplayer (Mep Report #123)

Headlines Grate While Storey Updates, Bedbugs are Bed (Uh, Bad), Some People Call it a Unabomber…Russ Calls it a Beard (mmmhmm), Slide Whistles are Better Than Suicide, The Final Days of DAOC, The Second Coming (and Leaving) of Greg, Then Everyone Was a Jedi, and the Forecast is Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Apocalypse.

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The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

Monty Python meets the Kids in the Hall meets the Venice beach boardwalk. By the way… this is the tune that Digby is muttering to himself.

Fear not, Earthlings!

We come in peace?

We come in peace?

Okay.  Obviously Olympic mascots aren’t something to which people pay a lot of attention.  But if you’re hosting the Olympics in, say, 2012, and you’ve already had a few issues with some of your, ahem, graphic design choices, wouldn’t you make sure you had vetted everything properly before unveiling these?

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Emu Evades Cops

Perhaps in reaction to yesterday’s post, wherein the emu discovered that the police were not on his side, a South Carolina emu hoofed it away from law enforcement today.

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Off the Hook Haiti Benefit Rockomedy Concert

Last night I went out to LA’s Wiltern theater to witness a once in a blue moon assortment of talent assembled by Jack Black and co. to raise money for Haiti earthquake survivors.

I recorded some fantastically washed-out grainy video in an attempt to share this experience with you. Not only do the following clips give you a sense of the performances, they also recreate the crowd’s futile attempts to see anything amidst a standing room only mob. In any case, enjoy the festivities:

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Ode to Abbott and Costello

I had a recent conversation with my mom that made me think of a modern day “who’s on first” scenario.

Stacey: Hey Tracy! How was your weekend?

Tracy: Hey girl! It was good. I saw a movie Saturday night.

Stacey: Awesome! What did you see?

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We’re going to pretend that The Mep Report, hippest, hottest, most tuned in website to all things weird and wonderful on this great big Internet of ours, didn’t take four days to link to this work of art.  We’d appreciate it if we just kept this minor oversight, you know, between you and us.  Okay?  Appreciate it.