My new somewhat original catchphrase

albert-einstein blindfolded

During my short-lived career as a stand-up comic, I had a catchphrase which was not unique to me, but which I made so much my own thru my brilliance that everyone who saw me remembered it forever more as mine…
Well, I created a new phrase and thanks to Google am happy to report that only three other people have thought of it!

Alright you ready?….

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Because Our Nation Has No Taste

Obama Chia

I know I’m late on the announcements, but…I…I don’t know…why?  why?

Check out the new Deep Autumn Jam

This is a comedy video, not child friendly, put out by a group of NYC comics.  For all of you that can’t make it out to the real NYC scene, here’s a little taste.

You can also check out the original “Damn I wish I was Your Lover” by Sophie B. Hawkins if you’d like to see what they had parodied…not as fun, but very 80’s and she actually uses “shucks” as a lyric…

Additions to Webster’s Dictionary

This is old and probably has already been posted, but I thought it was really funny.

Headgear for “special” parents

baby head gear

For too long babies who had plagiocephaly were the only ones who had to wear headgear.  They were “special” babies who needed to have a little help to make sure their head shape turned out normal as they grew.

Now, thanks to a new product on the market, “special” parents can put their babies in headgear too.  The Thudguard ensures that their babies will not lose brain cells bumping their heads against furniture like everyone elses babies; in a sense leveling the future playing field one fall at a time.

I don’t know what to say…

peter potty

They say it trains boys up to “two months faster.”  I think I’d rather take the two months, but I’ve never potty-trained a boy before, so what do I know.

Those Darn Baby Bellies

sena belly

We have a problem people.  Babies like to show-off their bellies.  Well, we can’t stand for it anymore and OneStepAhead is helping us end it.  Let me introduce you to “Sta-tuct” and the end of baby shirts going above your baby’s belly.

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Solution for Fear of Failure

parent and kid

Well, they’ve done it.  Bach, the makers of “Rescue Remedy,” have solved the problem of kids’ fear of failure.  Meet “Confidence Remedy”

bach kids home

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On a serious note

UKPoliceCopsusa cop

Sorry about the lack of funny on this one; that’s  assuming of course that you’ve found all my past posts as funny.  Anyway, I wanted to post a quick note about hatred and the many faces it can take.

Yesterday, I was walking my daughter to a playdate in a local park and I saw something that reminded me of a memory that’s never left me.

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Fun Facts: Dominant versus Recessive Genes

dimple girl

Fun fact I learned is that dimples are a dominant gene.  If one parent has a dimple, they say its guaranteed that the child will have a dimple.  So, just think…some time in the future…almost all of us will have dimples and then smooth cheeks will be considered cute and worthy of a cheek pinch!

Well, it inspired me to find out what else is dominant and I don’t understand what mother nature has in mind for the future of appendages.

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