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Mep Report #145: The Emu Awakens


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Storey Breaks Luminaria Record, Doesn’t Sandbag
The Roof is on Fire
Happy New Year Three Hours Late!
Russ vs. Christmas: Fight!
Memories of a Glorious Pangya New Year
Greg Against Humanity
Some Real BS
Star Wars Episode 7: Maple Syrup from a Teddy Bear that We All Love
In Defense of JJ Abrams
Star Wars: America’s Greatest Religion
Stealing Your Memories and Selling them Back to You
Movie Painkillers for Your Surgery
The Infinite Future of the Franchise

Mep Report #142: When Emus Attack


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Do You Want Money or Not?, A Day Where You Live in Famy, Bill Hicks Aborts Miley Cyrus, If Tolkien Were Hitler then Beggars Would Ride, Gandhi the Face-Eating Lizard, Attack of the Emu!, A Failure of Emurality, Steph Dwarfs Russ’ Klout, Do You Really Want to Live Forever?, Nominees for Speaker of the House, It’s Time to Play the Music, It’s Time to Light the Lights, and Oh Canadian Elections!

Mep Report #134: Emu Jumps Shark

We lost several emus practicing for this shot.

We lost several emus practicing for this shot.

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Snowpocalgeddon Jumps the Shark…Again, Finland the Permanent Frozen Wasteland, Russia is Lucky (Not Happy), Katy Perry Almost Jumps the Shark, Everyone Hates 2014, Don Lemon Jumps the Shark in a Blizzardmobile, Russ (Commercially) Jumps the Shark, Storey (Pacifically) Jumps the Shark, and all our Sports Teams Jump the Shark.

The End of An Emu

As you may have guessed from the silence around these parts – the emu-themed blog action has wound down to an end. I want to thank everyone who has followed the journey of this video-centric blog since its inception in January of 2009. The podcast won’t be affected by this change – it will still sling your usual doses of radio improvisational discussion-ness every now and again.

For those interested in video-related postings – you can follow me on Twitter, or check out my video favorites on Frequency.

Saving that, I give you Meppers the last video – as I toss this blog off the proverbial cliff. Enjoy, be well, and keep mepping.

Emu Evades Cops

Perhaps in reaction to yesterday’s post, wherein the emu discovered that the police were not on his side, a South Carolina emu hoofed it away from law enforcement today.

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Google Breaks the Emu Speech Barrier

Just in time for April Fools, Google’s Andriod phone unveils its Animal Speech Translation App.

Glen Beck Points the Finger at the Emu.

Oh crap… He’s on to us. (Reaches for cyanide tooth capsule).

Man Bites Emu

A story of wrangling, wrestling, and love in Texas.

Weird Japanese Face Animator (Emu POTW)


This Japanese site will take any portrait-like picture that you upload and automatically convert it into a blinking, nodding, quasi-zombie animated template ready to model various animal heads, wigs, and facial hair.

It’s easily good for 45 minutes of time wasting. Fun, fun.

Link via BuzzFeed.

The Making of the Shining (Emu POTW)

A hidden treasure on Google Video makes available a 35 minute short shot by Stanley Kubrick’s daughter, Vivian, during the filming of The Shining. The piece gives us a sense of the process of one of the most legendary filmmakers of all time.

Link via /film