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Bring Forth The Immortal Moles


Hello internet crickets and empty void. It is I, Russ. I would not be authoring this were it not for a mind-numbing, world-is-a-grapefruit-like coincidence of immense proportions. Via this three year old BBC News Health article, there is a going scientific theory that the number of moles you have can be an indicator of the length of your telomeres.

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A Month Before Festival De Cannes

On the 15th of May, film enthusiasts all over the world will once again convene in France to witness the annual Festival De Cannes. In its 66th season, expect an even better and more competitive festivity in the silver screen industry because it is the award winning Steven Spielberg himself who will spearhead the board of jury as president. It has also been confirmed that the French actress Audrey Tautou will do the honors of hosting both the opening and closing ceremonies of Festival De Cannes. Audrey Tautou stars alongside Michel Gondry and Romain Duris in the upcoming film Moon Indigo which is due to be released on the 24th of April.

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