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Speaking of the Force…

Here’s a neat sketch on all four forces. And some unknown ones, to boot.

Dark Matters from PHD Comics on Vimeo.

Existentialist Star Wars

Why must everything be guided by Force? Isn’t a lack of Force the seedling from which transcendence emerges?

But…but…but…they say they’re liberals!

Blogger, know thyself?

From The People’s View, a fascinating article about where the Glenn Greenwalds and Jane Hamshers of the world–you know, the ones who became liberal when a black man took office and dared to create and sustain progressive policies without consulting them first–get their respective bread buttered.  The next time self-described left wingers start throwing the term “corporatist” around within earshot, ask them if they’ve seen any investment disclosure statements from the Huffington Post lately.

A Divine Thought Experiment

Let’s make the assumption that you are God, for a moment. Discuss…

An Experiment in Empathy

This video should be mandatory viewing for any and all American citizens. The closing Dostoevsky quote sums it up,

“While nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer, nothing is harder than to understand him.”

Ancient Comedy Jedi

There’s a reason that Conan O’Brien yawns at the sight of Tom Cruise, but gets all jittery when in the presence of Jonathan Winters.

The Cosby Step

Really enlightening tutorial remix entitled “How to Dance to Dubstep.” Incidentally, this is also the universal mating dance for Jello Pudding Pop Aficionados.

American: The Bill Hicks Story

An absolute must-see documentary that premieres this weekend in selected theaters. For those not in the know, Bill Hicks, is considered one of the patron saints of contemporary stand up comedians. He used comedy as a conduit to changing people’s perceptions about their world. In doing so, he levied the harshest possible criticisms of the status quo, while seemingly remaining completely uncorrupted by the forces that pulled at him as his celebrity grew.

Know Thyself

Thought provoking montage of quotes + imagery set to Clint Mansell’s The Fountain soundtrack = attention capture win.

Merry Modern Passover

I readily admit, I am becoming less and less attached to what was once an important childhood tradition. Feel free to blame Joseph Campbell for this. Anyway, here’s a digital recap of that famous Egyptian/Babylonian/Sumerian Old Testament tale of the Sword in the Stone. By which, I mean the Staff in the Bush. With frogs… and… other magical stuffs.

Kudos to Aaron Mandel on the find.