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A Feathered Friend

Came across a Reddit user today by the name of AParanoidEmu. Today he was calling the internet Hive Mind’s attention to the Great Emu War, an Australian military campaign designed to eradicate 20,000 brave Emus who refused to leave their homeland.

If you should happen to participate in the Reddit community, I urge you to make contact. He tirelessly champions the cause of emus on Reddit, and we here at TMR salute him. Mep, to you, sir.

Three Big Pigs

Watch closely. This is the only Mep reference you’re likely to see to the Angry Birds smartphone gaming phenomenon. It’s so artfully done, though, that I can’t deny it entry.

Which Seat Can I Take?

Half the Meppers now officially work with undergraduates and Russ works on the Internet, so everyone should be aware of the insane viral hit “Friday” by Rebecca Black. What you might not realize is that the song is actually a work of genius that was just sung wrong in the original and salvaged in this cover version:

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Ferris Goes Indie

Great recut trailer of Ferris Buehler’s Day Off in the style of something akin to 500 Days of Summer. Hat tip to Aaron Mandel for the linkage.

Even Atheists are Blessed

Richard Dawkins puts a human lifespan in an alien, yet refreshing context.

Cruise Missiles for Peace

My favorite headline of the day today, care of Reddit, read: “Obama Has Fired More Cruise Missiles than All Other Nobel Peace Winners, Combined.”

Really? This was a tabulation that was going to be close?

Seems like a ripe time to recall an old and underappreciated Mep collaborative video win:

Let the People Unite

I’ve been reading a bit about Islam recently, incidentally, via Joseph Campbell’s massive treatise on comparative religious history, The Masks of God.

What struck me about the core values of the Koran, is that it is, in principle, an incredibly egalitarian system. Before I explain my meaning after the jump, here’s a remix of an unearthed Chaplin speech that I posted a couple months ago.

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Vader & I

Fantastic homage to British comedy, Withnail & I.

Gimme Mah Nucular Pills!

Much like Texas, everything in America is done in a big way. We don’t half-ass things – we fully-ass them. So, while Japan is reacting to a totally legitimate and quantifiable crisis caused by a natural disaster, Americans are panicking at the hoaxy spectacle of radioactive particles traveling 5,000 miles and settling right on top of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles…

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Vatican Assassin Warlocks

Experimental music video featuring a techno-warlock. Why not?

Zaptra – “The Wise” Music Video from Danny Kim on Vimeo.