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Post-Structuralism for the Street Student

I’ve just discovered this young commentator who hilariously calls himself Hennessey Youngman. And I dig his work.

There’s Oil in Them Thar Waters!

Anyone feelin’ the post Black-Friday blues can follow me on down to the Gulf of Mexico. The land is so rich thar’ that you kin pull black gold out of the sea with yer own two hands! It’s 1849 all over again, except wetter. Weez all gonna be rich! Yeeeeee haw!

WikiLeaks and the Decline of American Impunity

The greatest American hero may not even be an American.

It is hard to overestimate the importance of WikiLeaks, already perhaps the most controversial website in the history of the relatively fledgling Internet. If you’ve been near any source of either news or Internet, you’re aware of the fact that said site, despite enduring a brazen and blatantly government-sponsored hack-attack, has released almost innumerable documents from the American diplomatic corps to the world at large. And the results are shocking.

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The Spirit of Enterprise

While our nutty country is forgetting its troubles with some good old capitalist ecstasy, let’s take a moment and remember some of the core ‘values’ that brought us to our current desperate station…

Happy Turkey Day

Here’s a Thanksviging-y Mep classic to celebrate your food coma.

The Internet is Sad

Dear Lord, we’ve found it. We’ve found the main emotion nerve of the internet.

And this is what it looks like…

A shrill beacon of raw emotions, pulsing into the ether. Perhaps this is a condition of being fed nothing but creepily ecstatic kitten videos and Norweigen Clog Porn. If you were the excretion receptacle for the emotional status of the American public, you too would be unwell.

Markets of Britain

On my Virign America jaunt over to the right coast, I spent some time watching the recently defunct BoingBoing Video channel. Came across an interview with Peter Serafinowicz, co-creator of Tarvu, and this inspired short:

Matter vs Anti-Matter

Presuming that you’re an American reading this, the odds are fairly strong that you heard this juicy tidbit in the internet/sports rumor mill today. The story is about a woman who is adored for her ability to play pretend, who filed for divorce from her husband, who is adored for his ability to throw a sphere into a standardized hoop.

Unless you are a facebook friend of mine, or happen to follow CERN’s twitter stream, you almost certainly weren’t appraised of this story today. That one told of the most complicated device ever constructed by your species, spawned something that, until fairly recently, was thought to be a purely theoretical type of stuff and sustained it for longer than it had ever been sustained.

I would love to say it was a good day for the human race. I’m not so sure.

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Arcane Mage: A How to Guide

Now, I realize the level of nerdiness that goes along with the admission that I used to play one of these “arcane mages” in an “MMORPG” entitled “World of Warcraft.”

Be that as it may, I found this to be a very enlightening tutorial on some of the nuances and finely tuned-skill development that are part and parcel of effectively playing this class, that will appeal to the hard core-gamer and n00b alike.

He’s Two of a Kind

Did anyone else know that Rex Ryan, the outspoken, self-effacing, boisterous, former defensive-coordinator now coach of the Jets has an outspoken, self-effacing, boisterous, twin brother, Rob Ryan, who is the defensive coordinator for Cleveland?

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