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Glenn Beck Futures Crash on News of Buffoonery

Media matters is reporting that porky pundit Glenn Beck’s stock has dropped precipitously this year. The website attributes the crash to an episode in which Beck made made the error of attempting to engage in actual journalism.

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Ad Fail

What’s wrong with this picture?

So, uh, I know the Internet makes it hard to filter ads for potential poor taste. But this pairing I just ran across (above) was kind of ridiculous…

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Coffee Saves Lives

Recent research shows that coffee addiction is more like our addiction to water or oxygen than our addiction to alcohol or tobacco.

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Can We Persuade Congress to Bite the Hand that Feeds It?

The thought that Congress serves not the interests of its constituents, but those of its corporate benefactors, used to be reserved for cynics and conspiracy theorists. Now this line of thinking is so banal, so obvious, that it goes without saying. A huge majority (roughly 4 out of 5 Americans) now believes that the game is rigged, and there is virtually no real institutional reform possible without the complete overhaul of our campaign finance system.

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Robert Reich Still Kicking Butt

Given the coming political kerfuffle over financial regulations, our former Brandeis Professor, Robert Reich is as relevant a commentator as ever. Here’s a recent piece of his on the unholy relationship between Congress and the Giant Vampire Squids of our times.

And here’s an unrelated video of Reich taking his tough talk to the streets with partner in crime, Coco.

Cable Gal

This wiry broad (band) was created by digi-artist Kasey Mcmahon. If she were mine, I would call her Anne of Green Cables.

Kasey is more well known in Mep land for having given birth to the Compubeaver.

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ESPN’s 30 for 30 Conjures Fantasy Baseball Mythology

This week, ESPN’s groundbreaking “30 for 30” series explored the origins of one of the most popular internet activities – outside of Facebook and LOLcats. It attempted to re-enact the conditions under which “Rotisserie” baseball was created.

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Formulaic Claptrap

An excellent demonstration of our vulnerability to certain combination of notes. Perhaps not to the level of a brown note, but still, an eye-opening display…

There’s No Horrible In The Middle of Good (Mep Report #119)

Clea Can’t Get No Satisfaction; Greg’s Life in Three Dimensions; Jackie Chan and the Masochistic Dragon Swoon; Mep Report Rare Ostrich Steak Attack GO!!!!!; The World According to EPCOT; We’re Much More Trekkie Than You; and Sometimes Horrible Is In The Middle of Good.

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OCD Gamer’s Simcity 3000 Megalopolis of the Future

Initially popularized on Reddit, this video depicts the creation of “Magnasanti,” a Simcity 3000 metropolis that, in terms of game mechanics and incentives, is a model of perfection.

Entitled “Simcity 3000 – ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM,” the creation video relays tales of a three-year construction period executing Da Vinci-like designs scrawled on reams of parchment. Magnasanti sports a population of over 6 million, a crime rate of zero, no roads (mass transit only), and a flawless integration of commercial, industrial, and residential zones modeled after the Bhavacakra, or Tibetan wheel of life.

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