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I Love Bananas

I do not love this. This is one of the creepier YouTube videos in recent memory. It reminds me of a French Surrealist spoof of The Fountain. In other words, this fellow could be the Avatar of Ehecatl, the Aztec God of Wind (and Bananas).

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Tectonic Travails

Upon hearing of this morning’s devastation in Chile, I began to wonder whether all of this recent continental plate shifting in the news is connected. Is this, perhaps, the beginning of the Tectonapocalypse?

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Kristianne Baille

These two are destined to one day star in a movie called “Christians Bail.”

CSPAN Smackdown

A preferred promo to CSPAN’s bout of empty political theater today..

Farewell, Hummer

I dun heard that the they gonna stop makin Hummers, so I wrote this here ditty, that I might not get the punching fits.

Ode to my Hum-V

Soaring eagles cried today
Cause Hum-V is goin away.
I begged GM to help it stay,
but the Chinese welched, they must be gay.

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Die Antwoord

South African post-modern, ironic, hard core rap sensation, Die Antwoord, has been taking the intrawebs by storm. Combining virtually every catchy internet-meme from ninjas to a Progeria-inflicted sidekicks, the oddly believable spoof band has captured the imaginations of comedy fans and serious rap fans alike…

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The Revolution Will Barely Be Televised

Four days ago, Andrew Joseph Stack, an otherwise unremarkable software engineer in his 50s, committed an act of terrorism when he crashed a small plane into the Texas State IRS center in Austin. While many people are still processing this event and its potential ramifications, some media sources seek to bury this story and downplay its significance.

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Klaus Pierre Private Screening Saturday

Hey kids. Wanted to give you the heads up that Klaus Pierre will be screening his movie Little Klaus, Big World on the west side of Los Angeles on Saturday, February 20th, at noon.

It’s a private showing, so I can’t announce the specific location, but I do happen to have a few invitations I can give out for those who contact me via e-mail ( Viva la Klaus!


Didn’t John Travolta and Kirstie Alley already do this piece 20 years ago? In any case, it’s been a slow few days… But more is to the coming!

The Japanese are Magic

Yet another example of the vastly advanced alien culture that resides in Japan. Here is an inkless, paperless, printer that can erase and re-write already printed pages. Upon discovering this marvel, my damaged mind wondered about the implications of such a device at Dunder-Mifflin. How will Michael Scott deal with his now completely archaic paper/printer company? How long can he last? (That’s what she said).