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How to make your baby or toddler go insane…

Okay, so little babies like to take their socks off….and that is just so annoying because who wants a sock-less baby? That’s about as bad as a baseball player without a codpiece.  So we gotta do something about that–and now we can, thanks, again, to our friends at One Step Ahead (those friends who are always…one step ahead of us…).

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1-31: Never Forget

Today is the third anniversary of the events of 1-31. Given this country’s continuing reactions to awkward underwear incendiaries, and enthusiasm for perpetual war, I think it’s as relevant as ever.

Ode to Abbott and Costello

I had a recent conversation with my mom that made me think of a modern day “who’s on first” scenario.

Stacey: Hey Tracy! How was your weekend?

Tracy: Hey girl! It was good. I saw a movie Saturday night.

Stacey: Awesome! What did you see?

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Corporate Persons are Jerks

Big Fat Whale has created a terrific portrayal of the absurdity of corporate personhood.

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Pee Wee Gets an Ipad

This is the one reference I’ll allow to the gadgetary “phenomenon” that is little more than a large print Iphone.

For more on why Mac Users are impotent tech fetishists and unwitting, unpaid salesman for the company, see TMR #16 and #35. No offense intended, of course 🙂

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Here’s a little ditty that perfectly encapsulates this last week — whether one is referencing the markets, the economy at large, the craptastic weather, the Activist Supreme Court trying to bring about the Corpapocalypse, or the tragic conclusion to the football career of Brett Fav-Re. Good times.

Taking the Red Pill Isn’t Easy

Don’t they make psychotropic tracking devices in liquid form?

For more from this uncannily well-cast Matrix spoof crew, check out their Matrix-run-by Windows XP bit.

Subliminal Obamanisms

Here’s the President’s reaction to last week’s heinous Supreme Court decision that removed restrictions on corporate contributions to political campaigns. While, politically, this moves us yet closer to the future of Demolition Man or Jennifer Government, I’m more interested in this piece’s subtext…

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Stewart on Olberman

Why go hyperbolic when you can go ultra-super-galacticbolic?

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David Blaine has a Deathwish

I guess we already knew that David Blaine had a screw loose somewhere. Little did we know that he also subconsciously wanted to commit Hari Kari on national TV. He’s come close several times. Here’s an insight into his warped (and likely brain damaged) mind from TED.