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Christmas Abuses (or ‘Bah Humbug’)

Everyone’s favorite Emilio Estevez sibling was in the news today for allegedly “breaking several pairs of eyeglasses” in front of his wife during a Christmas tirade. The horror!

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Instant internet hawtness here. Though, to nitpick, I think Obi-Wan is clearly the Hannibal parallel, which would make Han Solo the “Faceman” character. Though, Lando might be an even better choice for the heartthrob. But I digress…

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Puducherry Cockfighter

Despite its inappropriate-sounding title, this is a surprisingly engaging short film directed by John Hoag Haanes. Also, vastly superior to Rocky Balboa, for my money.

The Snuggler

It’s Zach Galifianakis as Spooning Savior in this Tim & Eric joint.

Deepak Chopra- LSD is for the Enlightened Only

Good Festivus Tidings to all and sundry. For those rare few seeking a spiritual awakening on this Ancient Pagan Equinox Festival (otherwise known as Jesus Day), here is a clip from your local endocrinologist/lecturer/Indian Peter Sellers, Deepak Choprah, who doesn’t want you to use recreational drugs unless you already have an innate perception of the nature of the world. Isn’t that like asking you to refrain from using a bowling ball until you record a perfect 300 game? I remain skeptical.

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R. Kelly…Please Tell Me This is a Joke…

My only concern is that now I am contributing to the number of hits this is getting…

The New Face of Corporatism


A fantastic Huffington Post rant by Miles Mogulescu perfectly enunciates the growing divide between Obama and the movement that brought him to power.

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From the Church of Latter Day Demons

Feeling the holiday season doldrums? Why not open up new terrifying vistas of reality with the Necronomicon? And, if you purchase one in the next two minutes, you’ll receive an ebony Chtulhu-style sacrificial blade at no extra cost!

Handy Manny promotes running with saws!


In a recent episode of Handy Manny titled “Home Sweet Home,” a neighborhood child plays a dangerous game of duck, duck, goose called “nut, nut, bolt” with the tools (click on the episode title, watch or skip intro, and then click the scroll bar to -03:22 to see the abhorrent scene).

My new somewhat original catchphrase

albert-einstein blindfolded

During my short-lived career as a stand-up comic, I had a catchphrase which was not unique to me, but which I made so much my own thru my brilliance that everyone who saw me remembered it forever more as mine…
Well, I created a new phrase and thanks to Google am happy to report that only three other people have thought of it!

Alright you ready?….

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