Human vs Klingon Propaganda

Ever wonder which facism-craving warlike race has the better video propaganda?

This Klingon propaganda reel comes to us via the Star Trek devotees at Bad Monkey Studios. Somehow they had the wherewithal to record the entire thing in an authentic Worf-ian dialect.

Representing the human (or Terran) faction we have two pieces of classic sci-fi themed propaganda. One is the UED victory report from the game Starcraft: Brood Wars:

The other originates from Robert Heinlein masterpiece turned campy movie, Starship Troopers.

While the Klingon video earns points for its excessive use of children and flags, the Troopers video does smartly feature Denise Richards. However, it does seem to waver on message. What exactly are the benefits of guaranteed “citizenship” other than frolicking around with Gary Buse’s kid and following a vacant Casper Van Dien to certain doom?

At least the UED video acknowledges the risks of battle, and gives us the promise of a hero’s funeral upon defeat. Also, it’s more logo conscious.

Ultimately, I’m going to have to go with the Klingons for superior propaganda here. They make a life of warfare and sacrifice seem infinitely cheerier than their flat foreheaded counterparts. Duch vees oh nook, rien!

Incidentally, for those who are wondering why Starcraft and Starship Troopers seem to be telling the exact same story, they are. Starcraft borrows heavily from James Cameron’s Aliens, which borrows heavily from the original Starship Troopers novel. As one should expect, the sci-fi Grandmaster is at the heart of many of our dreams of space conquest.

For more on Klingon Ethics, see Mep Report #24, where we discuss the potentialities of a war between Klingon Nation and Ghandi Nation.

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