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Olympic Logo ‘Porn’ Could Lead to Prosecution


If you’re a British citizen with a vivid imagination, a glance at the 2012 London Olympic festivities could have you branded a trafficker of child pornography.

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Book Quiz II

The twelfth Blue Pyramid quiz has been launched!

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Man Bites Emu

A story of wrangling, wrestling, and love in Texas.


We’re going to pretend that The Mep Report, hippest, hottest, most tuned in website to all things weird and wonderful on this great big Internet of ours, didn’t take four days to link to this work of art.  We’d appreciate it if we just kept this minor oversight, you know, between you and us.  Okay?  Appreciate it.

Happy Belated Turkey Festivity Havings

From a world-weary traveler returning to Mep HQ, wanting to wish all of you a happy extended turkey weekend…

What is The Third Sign?

It’s a puzzling question, especially if you’re one of the thousands who attended Gen Con 2009, the premier gaming and geek convention in the world…as you’ll see in this video. But the answer is out there: check this out for the scoop.

A Fate Worse Than Death?

Wondering what to be thankful for this Thanksgiving? How about being grateful you’re not this guy.

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Shutter Power

If you’re one of those people who thought digital photography’s advent was going to kill the art of the picture, here’s a good counterargument.

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Housing Fire Sale Update

Today’s post will revisit our previous analysis of the housing sales surge to see if there’s cause for celebration yet…

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Finding Klaus

An interview I conducted with the elusive Klaus Pierre in his posh new Los Angeles surroundings.

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