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Hey Jude Flow Chart

This really clears things up for me…


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‘Avatar’ Designed to Hack Gamers’ Minds

Today, James Cameron and Co. released a full-length trailer for the upcoming Cosmically Anticipated Uber-Blockbuster known as Avatar

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Arnie Vetoes with Authority


As we’ve learned from his prolific action movie career, the Governator doesn’t take anyone’s guff. Ever.

That’s why it was hilariously reminiscent of my Ultraviolent 90s Cinema upbringing when the San Fransisco Chronicle revealed that Arnie intentionally hid an F-bomb in a letter explaining a recent veto…

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Bicycling Into the Aether

Well crafted animation by filmmaker Lorenzo Veracin depicting the famous trippy bike ride of LSD inventor Albert Hofmann on April 19, 1943.

Yankee Stock Theory

Hey, speaking of the Yankees, this is a good opportunity to discuss confirmation of Russ’ old theory about stocks and the Yankees.

Turns out, he’s not the only one who thinks traders like the Yanks.

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Yanks Infuriate Matt Taibbi

Taibbi Sour Grapes

Great snippet from the Business Insider today recapped some less than accurate Matt Taibbi predictions about the fate of the 2009 Yankees.

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If You’re Healthy, Getting the H1N1 Vaccine is Immoral

You may think getting the H1N1 vaccine is a good idea. If you’re a kid, elderly, pregnant, or have a vulnerable immune system, sure. But otherwise, you’re being immoral.

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DirecTV Profits Off of the Dead

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall in the DirectTV board meeting where they approved the brilliant idea of desecrating the memory of Chris Farley so that their company’s stock can rise a few points. Bonus to the artist formerly known as David Spade for going along with this.

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A Life Lived in the Rat Race

Leave it to the French to author the final word on Corporate Darwinism. “Switch” is a short film by Jean-Julein Pous and Pierre Prinzbach intended to convey “…a methaphysical thought about time. It’s the destiny of humanity through a character and its different choices, materialized by doubles of himself.”

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Words, Words, Words

Wordle: TMR
So this is pretty neat.

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