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Mascot Pwnage

This is possibly the single greatest sports psyche-up CGI video in the history of Alaska. How many mascots do you know that are born out of an exploding constellation shockwave?

OMG, he just took out the moon! That is one bad-ass, hockey-playing polar bear.

Three Ways to Deal With the Impending Enviropocalypse


Looking for a way to perk up your work week? Why not update yourself on the impending enviropocalypse?

According to an exhaustive study by the Global Footprint Network, September 25th was the day that the planet used all of the available planetary resources that it could replenish in a year (otherwise known as Earth Overshoot Day). For the rest of the year, we’ll be culling, reaping, and utilizing that which won’t grow back.

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Mel Gibson Co-opts Our Deity


This is a tough one to bear. Above, is a picture of nutbar Mel Gibson wielding a beaver puppet. Allegedly, this is all for an upcoming Jodie Foster directed film entitled, “The Beaver.”

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Baby Channels Sea Star Powers. (Mep Report #116)


Hey, Hey, The Gang’s All Here, Krull and Kelp Kollide, Russ Goes Back to School, Immortality Is/Is Not Overrated, Baby Sea Cucumbers, Rack-O is Whack-O, Cash for Coal, and NAFTA Bartenders.

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OMG Facebook Party!!!

Here’s your newest Mep video, an admittedly crude social networking parody called “OMG Facebook Party!”

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Oh Wow!

Happy Monday, little emus. We’ve got a brand new Mep video in the works, that should be released from post-production sometime this evening. Stay tuned…

The Way of the IntraWebs

This is one of the most informative lectures about the internet that you will ever consume. Jonathan Zittrain not only de-mystifies the processes by which information travels from one site to another, but he lays out an ethos that the Internet operates by in violation of every Darwinian Rule of Human Interaction that you have ever learned.

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Honda Develops Giant Mobile Key-Ring

Tired of losing your keys? Just pick up the Honda U3-X prototype. It’s much too large to disappear between the seat cushions, and can even shuttle you between the foyer and the dining room table as you conduct your search.

And Now For Your Daily Resurrection

This remarkable video was shot by a ski team in Haines Alaska. The skier/cameraman falls prey to an avalanche and is completely submerged under a mountain of snow.

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Digg: Just Another Faux Democracy?

digg_teaser is one of the largest websites on the planet. Like many of its competitors in the social media arena, it doesn’t purport to create or provide anything of substance. Digg’s value comes in the community that it organizes and speaks for. In Digg’s case, that community’s function is to vote for the most worthy news stories of the day for more casual visitors to consume.

With the announcement of some prospective changes to its voting rules, is Digg capitulating to big money interests? Or has its slow march to corruption already rendered its original mission moot?

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