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Disney/Marvel Conglomerate Announces New Releases

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Two media giants combined forces today, promising to change our national film landscape forever. With the acquisition of Marvel Comics, Disney Corp has made a bold bid to incorporate popular superhero themes into its more traditional titles. Here is an exclusive sneak peak at some of its upcoming projects…

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Ve have vays of making you a Ph.D.

Come on, it beats a dissertation!

Come on, it beats a dissertation!

100 German Professors Suspected of Ph.D. Bribes.

Honestly, if I knew it was this easy I would have bailed out halfway through my doctoral program and headed to Cologne.  And I would have had to get my doctorate there at that point, cause I have a sneaking suspicion Brandeis wouldn’t have welcomed me with open arms on my return.

NYC Unveils Homeless Travel Agent Training (Mep Report #115)


Potentials of Submersible Podcasting, Tron Nostalgia, Star Wars Political Philosophy, Sith Lord Gestapos, Trickle-Up Economics, Zen Minimalist U-Hauls, and Serendipitous Car Rental Experiences.

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The Time Traveler’s Wife Redeemed!

Scientists have recently discovered that mastodons once excreted what has become our canon of elite cinema. This may have prompted Mep Reporter Russ Gooberman to declare the recently-released film “The Time Traveler’s Wife” a “steaming pile of mastodon dung“.

(Here there be spoilers.)

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Podcasting Double Dip


Here’s a recent episode of We’ll Fix it in Post, that I participated in. Later today, I will post the most recent TMR episode — number 115! Really, it will be done. I swear. And that delinquent episode is the only one left between you and the first TMR recorded on video! Heavens to mergatroid!

Tesla’s Dream Realized

WiTricity CEO, Eric Giler, demonstrates the newest innovations in the field of wireless electricity. This is a technology that could put a permanent end to the battery industry. If you watch the lecture closely, you may see an Engergizer Bunny Assassin lurking in the scaffolding above.

Steampunk Frankenstein

EMET is a short film produced by Bonsaininja Studios, in Milan. It attempts to depict man’s spiritual struggle versus his pursuit of technological perfection.


Just wanted to announce that on Monday, the world exploded.

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Mom Creates Socialist Paradise Via Coupons


Great story from the Consumerist about a New England Mom who feeds an entire family of children, dogs, and birds for less than $10 a week.

FYI, she does not accomplish this feat by slowly feeding the bird to the dog while slowly feeding the dog to the children. Apparently, Kathy Spencer is a coupon savant, and has fine tuned the art of discount shopping into something more akin to Subversive Promotional Manipulation.

This is a worthwhile skill set to have.



My name is Pablo Diego Jose Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Sant’sima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso.

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