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I am Ahab and Jury Duty is the Whale…

Ahab searching for the whale

…without the whole loss of a leg and focus on revenge.

Since I turned 18 and registered to vote, I have been looking forward to the opportunity of doing Jury Duty.  As the years passed and people around me got called in, my excitement grew.  Their stories of boredom, frustration, and loss of pay were lost on me.  I had my eyes on the prize and the prize was Jury Duty.

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O Fickle Jupiter!


Last week, our solar system’s friendly neighborhood giant, Jupiter, took a shot to the mid-section for its little blue buddy, planet Earth.

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Auto-Tuning the Scatological

Mark my words: The Auto-Tuning phenomenon is the next big thing in viral videos. My kingdom for a talented musical engineer.

Anyway, here’s Hall of Famer, George Brett, re-telling some charming dinner tales to anyone who will listen (or who happen to be trapped in ear-shot via mandatory calisthenics).

(Warning for language and those who aren’t regaled by poop-humor).

Britain’s Conservative Leader on Twits

future Prime Minister of Britain answering the riddle, “What happens when you put a few too many Twits in one place?”

Link via The Awl.

You betcha, Jim!

(Sorry about the annoying advertisement.  I promise this is worth the wait.)

ComicCon 2009: The Floor

Here’s a quick taste of what it was like in the sprawling San Diego Convention Center.

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Coming to a city near you!

Competition photo

Run out of things to watch while at work?

I don’t think it needs any description.

What happens when journalists do their job.

A true journalist.

A true journalist.

What do you get when the best columnist in America writes a column about one of the best news anchors ever?  You get this: a fascinating discussion from Frank Rich about what made Walter Cronkite such a towering figure in broadcast journalism.  You should be taking notes, Megan.

ComicCon Excursion: Home of TRON

This weekend, we sent the emu down to San Diego to the nerve center of the fanboyverse.

Our first ComicCon artifact is footage of a vintage arcade built by Tron character, Kevin Flynn.

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Another Day, Another Dollar

The setup is a little too long here, but it pays off nicely.