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Mep Report #114

The Meppers Navigate Down a Brook/Stream/Tributary of Troubles; Deeeeoooo; Greg, Neil Gaiman, and Bathtubs; Storey’s Great Society, or All Maim All the Time; Mep Mayhem; Analog Memorials in a Digital Age; and Shakespeare Pays a Visit.

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For those of you who are musically inclined…

Mexican Street Dealers Dying in Droves


The Modesto Bee told a heart-wrenching story last weekend of a young Tijuana meth dealer named Hector Rodriguez Estrada, who was killed in cold blood along with his pregnant girlfriend, by a rival gang attempting to seize his drug turf. The story gives a face to the deteriorating social system in many parts of Mexico, in which cities are morphing into nothing more than shooting galleries between rival cartels.

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An idea whose time has come…?

Arizona plans to allow concealed guns in bars.

Arizona plans to allow concealed guns in bars. NRAers rejoice!

Yes, it’s true.  If there’s anything more charming than drunk people beating each other up, it’s drunk people blowing each other away.

Nice work, Arizona.  Next up: allowing people to carry lit candles into gas storage facilities.  It’s just common sense, right?

Galactic Mail

FedEx vs UPS in a future extrapolation of today’s shrinking consumer market. In space, customers are hard to come by…

Brought to you by commercial production studio, The Mill.

Maniacal British Bobbies Waterboard Pot Smugglers


In the “Countries That Shouldn’t Emulate America” category, comes the tale of six of London’s finest metro police. After apprehending a couple suspects who were carrying a large weed shipment, the officers decided to seize the property of the suspects, and give them the old Dick Cheney workover for good measure.

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Slow News Day (or the Death of Michael Jackson)


We here at TMR usually pride ourselves on the ability to wade through the internet’s digital morass of celebrity nonsense, gadget fetishism, and vacuous top-10 lists, to bring you something unique and substantive every day. Today I’m going to have to temporarily surrender.

You see, a certain unnamed former sexpot and pop-star died today. Therefore, there is no other news.

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Mailing It In


Passionately following a losing sports franchise is sort of like having a mal-formed congenitally attached twin fetus to your skull. It serves as a constant reminder that you have invested a great deal of emotional energy in something that will never be a source of pride or happiness.

Sure, you can put a scarf on your head. You can change the topic of conversation. But short of dangerous surgery, you can never separate yourself from the fate of this being that nature has declared unfit to thrive.

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Drone Aircraft to Patrol Canadian Border


Look out, Canadians… Skynet is now online.

The US Border Patrol is preparing to deploy a ‘Predator B’ unmanned drone aircraft along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, presumably to detect drug growing and smuggling operations along the US-Canadian border.

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The Brave Bloggers of Iran

Though created seven months ago, this piece is a highly topical tutorial on the recent history of Iran, describing how the digital revolution is altering the political landscape there.