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Carl Comes to Life


These are some of the hopefuls to be cast as the role of Carl Brutananadilewski, the next door neighbor and comic foil to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Though it doesn’t show on their faces, these boys are lining up to score the role of a lifetime. Is there a live human being with enough verve, enough anima, enough emanations to truly inhabit this character? Only in the premiere live action episode/season six finale of ATHF will this be revealed.

In the words of Carl, himself, “If you need anything, you know who to look to – someone else.”


For more on why meppers dig the ATHF, see this.

Emoticons Last Stand


Hockey Surrenders

It was barely a real sport to begin with…

As awesomely outlandish as this seems, Vince McMahon actually gave this a whirl in 2001. It was called the XFL, and it was righteous.

Poppins Techno Mix

This mashup is pretty poppin’

Netherlands Faces Dangerous Criminal Shortage


Originally posted on the Fresh Scent.

Today’s object lesson on the consequences of having a rational national drug policy comes to you from the Netherlands.

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Matrix Pod-Chair


As it turns out, designer Eduard McIntosh is the progenitor of Skynet, or the Oz Head, or whatever computer lineage eventually morphs into the overlord of the Matrix universe.

Called the Autonomous Living Unit, the theoretical one-man-band chair would provide all the needs of the user, and eventually make fully furnished living spaces obsolete. The project is pitched as a solution for homeless people or squatters living without amenities. As long as these people have a few hundred thousand bucks to spare on their pod, they’ll be living it up with the rest of us.

We’re on our way now…


You Are A Terrorist

Is it just me, or does this video carry more weight by virtue of the German narration?

This piece has a little Monochrom flavor to it. Yes, they’re Austrian, and I get the distinction, but they both do the German-accented anarchical satirist thing.

Here’s an example.

Mel Gibson to Marry Octo-Mom

Mel Gibson and Pregnant Girlfriend

Okay, so its not true…but doesn’t she totally look like her?  I guess after you’ve been married for 28 years and had seven kids, its time to divorce and have a love-child with a Russian musician.

So, I’ve checked her out and this Oksana is onto something.  She had a son with Timothy Dalton three years after he got out of a 14 year relationship with Vanessa Redgrave.  She’s brilliant!  Find old guys who just get out of long-term relationships, have their baby and then sit pretty in your child-support funded castle in the sky.

Octocat Adventure

Animation Savant David O’Reilly created this web series while posing as 9 year old submitter, Randy Peters.

Lightning Bolt


Full-sized view.

Electric feature from Wired Magazine delving into the different types of lightning strikes. Particularly intriguing is the legendary ‘ball’ lightning, which sounds like something that Raiden would conjure up.

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of pine-cone lightning…