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Ric Flair’s Son Caught up in Charlotte Smackdown


Originally posted at The Fresh Scent

Richard Fleihr, 21, son of WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair, was arrested Sunday when officers found heroin inside his car. Apparently Fleihr was setting up for his patented double-axe handled syringe-injector suplex, when a Charlotte police officer executed a dramatic wrist lock immobilizer.

Though this was Fleihr’s first recorded smack-related arrest, he had been booked on a DUI less than two months ago, and was driving without a valid license. When the arresting officer pointed this out, Fleihr raised his hands to an invisible crowd and shouted “Wooooo!”

He sure has a lot of his father in him.

Eight is Enough


Out of abject frustration, I wrote this ditty about my fantasy baseball team. It is sung to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

On the first day of injury, my roto-squad gave to me…..
A Smoltz shoulder surgery.

On the second day of injury, my squad gave to me…
A Duschererererer Elbow
and a Smoltz shoulder surgery

On the third day of injury, my squad gave to me…
A Carpenter Pectoral,
A Duscherererer Elbow
and a Smoltz shoulder surgery.

On the fourth day of injury, my squad gave to me…
A Ricky Romero flame out
A Carpenter Pectoral
A Duschererer Elbow
and a Smoltz shoulder surgery.

On the fifth day of injury my squad gave to me…
a Tiiiiired Daisuke!
A Romero flame out
A Carpenter’s Pec
A Ducherererer Elbow
and a Smoltz shoulder surgery.

On the sixth day of injury, my squad gave to me….
Big Vlady Can’t Swing
A Tiiiiired Daisukeeeeeee!
A Romero flame out
A Carpenter’s Pec
A Duchererer Elbow
and a Smoltz shoulder surgery..

On the seventh day of injury, my squad gave to me…
A Thome back spasm
Big Vlady Can’t Swing
A Tiiiiired Daisukeeeeeeeee!
A Romero flame out
A Carpenter’s Pec
A Duschererererer Elbow
and a Smoltz shoulder surgery…..

On the eight day of injury, my squad gave to me…
A decrepit Travis Hafner
A Thome back spasm
A Vlady that can’t swing…
A Romero flame out
A Carpenter’s Pec
A Duscherererere Elbow

For more on chronically injured ballplayers, see this Mep Video.

90s Moms and Netiquette

Who knew that the Intrawebs not only served your basic research needs, but your Fabio rose-toting needs as well?

This low-budget ridiculousness brought to you by crap purveyor, Everything is Terrible.

They Can’t Handle the Truth.

The Meppers have discussed The Colbert Report on several occasions–but I was glad to see someone has finally decided to back us up on our shocking conclusion that, uh, he’s joking, even if some people don’t get it. 

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Konami Code Breaks


According to Kotaku, any visitor to ESPN’s main page can input the legendary Konami Code and turn the world’s premier sports website into a haven for frolicking unicorns.

Unfortunately, it seems that ESPN has caught on and disabled the code. I’m sure some Contra-nostalgic web designer is being shit-canned as we speak.

Serious Emu points go to the first person who can find another website that responds to the Konami Code.

Ron Paul: Avatar of Reason… ‘Don’t Sweat the Swine’

Once again, Ron Paul, deity of reasonability, is putting the swine flu mania into perspective. Yes, he tries to sneak in some subtle shots against ‘socialized medicine,’ but at least he’s not using a manufactured media panic for political capital.


From 2008 to 2009, I worked as a segment producer for BoingBoingTV. Both an incredible learning experience and a non-stop sprint from week to week, I managed to try my hand at producing, music direction, animation creation, script writing, and a bit of improv. Though it ended, as many good things do, I look back on the time with great fondness and appreciation for what I was able to absorb.

During my time there, the small crew of three to five BBers created over 150 episodes. Over that time, BBtv was featured in CNN, the Guardian, Yahoo!, Digg, and won several Webby awards.

Black Amplifier

This music video, brought to you by Indonesian rock band, SIGIT (Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent) reminds me a bit of Nick Cage’s Lord of War.

I Hate Voice Recognition.


I know many would say that voice recognition has come into its own.  I know that use of a “speech-enabled system” saves companies money which OF COURSE means price cuts for us the consumers.


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Evil Empire’s New Digs

As you can tell by recent Mep postings, baseball season is just starting to really heat up. In honor of this weekend’s inaugural Yanks/Red Sox series, here’s a strange fan made video from the Star Wars Universe…

Somebody needs to tell the creator that Vader’s mask isn’t an articulated mouth. That effect creeps me out.