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The Recession in a Nutshell

This is one of the clearest, most entertaining explanations of the credit crisis that I’ve seen this year. Via Daring Fireball.

Revisionist history, even unto its innermost…?

But I swear thats what happened!

But I swear that's what happened!

Fortunately Brandeis came to its senses about the Rose Museum kerfuffle a few weeks ago, but alumni just got a message from the president which was intended to “clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding these issues.”  I only bring it up here briefly because I get annoyed when other factors–meteors, locusts, a terrible flood–get blamed for something instead of the real culprit, in this case the administration itself.

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Unreleased Beatles ‘Holy Grail’ Leak


The original first track of the Beatles’ White Album was leaked on the internet this week by a popular music blog.

This particular version of Revolution 1 features many of the sound effects, loops, and improvs that have previously been associated with Revolution 9.

It’s amazing that something of this quality would sit in obscurity for over 40 years. Be grateful that the internet provides a portal to this sort of lost media treasure:

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Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy

Intelligent crank Louis CK, gives us all a reality check on the Late Late Show.

(Thanks to the Factor for pointing this out)

Accounting Perils

The Meth Minute was one of my favorite internet-based series before cartoonist Dan Meth moved onto bigger and better things. Here’s a short piece relaying the dangers of doing your taxes while on psychedelics.

Mep Report #111

Russ and the Christmas Curse, Greg Calls Natural Laws Out, What If God Was a Baby, Russ Goes to the Island of Dr. Santa Claus, Russ is No Longer a Fan of Cheese, Russ is Hit Over the Head With a Yuletide Log, 11 Months of Sanity Out of 12 Isn’t So Bad, Clea Calls the West Coast Out (Again), and Gandalf Claus.

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“Free” Credit Report Spoof

I think most people know that masquerades as a free services while signing you up for a credit card ding every month for a special “monitoring” plan. But few people sing about it…

Ron Paul: Avatar of Reason

There is a reason that Ron Paul is the High Chancellor of the Internet. The man exudes common sense. Here is an elected US official (and a Republican, at that) who makes no assertions that aren’t backed up by common sense, evidence, and historical precedent. Say what you will about Libertarians, but this one has some damn near impenetrable logic. The Obama administration needs to make more use out of this figure as soon as possible.

In this clip on the Real Time with Bill Mahr (via The Raw Story), he tells us why we need to end the War on Drugs.

Feel free to fast forward to four minues into this clip:

Sony Releases New Piece of Shit


Depression Era News Cycle

No wonder the economy is stagnating. Literally nothing is happening, everywhere. Here’s Fox New’s lead story today:

But I’ll have you know that I scooped ’em. I was reporting on this very topic over FIVE YEARS AGO, albeit in China.