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Ted Stevens Wiretapped

Former Senator Ted Stevens has been an internet punching bag for some time now. This was our attempt to get in on the Stevens-bashing action after the bribery scandal and indictment that marred his re-election campaign.

The video didn’t take off the way we had hoped, but it was insanely fun to produce.

Mep Report #108

Lying Mothers and the Babies they Wield, Generic Chieftain Man and the Bear God Puku-Puku, Male Angst as Motivation for Human Sacrifice, Baseball as Religious Methadone, Aztec Hippies, and TMR Defeats MLB Attorneys in Pitched Battle.

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The Great Hambino

A quick little nod to Josh Hamilton’s performance in the All-Star Game’s Home Run Derby. Little did I know the firestorm it would create. MLB Advanced Media (i.e. Major League Baseball Attorneys) had YouTube take the video down for trademark infringement. I then sent a counter notice which persuaded the MLB legal team to reinstate the video.

The entire affair was recorded for posterity on Professor Lawrence Lessig’s blog

Mep Report #107

The Big Fireworks Lobby, How Businesses are Oppressed by Native Americans, The “Put That Shit in the Sky,” Plan, Flying Plasmas, How the Black Market is Your Friend, Greg and Clea Fly their Conservative Flags High, and Baldness as a Gender Identifier.

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