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Greg on BBtv as ComicCon Correspondent

There are few things more fun than putting a close friend in front of the camera while he’s in his element. Not to mention the four press passes I scored so that we could attend ComicCon for free. Watch and enjoy…

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How to Hack RFID Credit Cards

Though a pretty straightforward and unassuming piece, this episode shot outside the 2008 E-Tech Conference in San Diego ended up being the most prolific video I ever produced/directed. It kept popping up in all sorts of crazy places, including the side bar on an unnamed internet dating website I used to frequent.

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Corporate Anthems

On a whim, Johannes and I decided to hit up a corporate headquarters and see if we could score an interview with a PR rep about their company’s anthem. Of course, you usually need more than one night to plan this sort of thing, so we got what we could get on the fly.

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Practical Joke on Star Wars Geeks

My last minute idea for a BBtv April Fool’s episode… The theme in the elevator scene is a version of the Numa Numa song composed by my cousin, musician Reed Black.

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