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Terrorist Training Video

This was made from footage of Johannes in Ambassador Chrusov mode. Along with cohort, David Fine, these two visited an old nuclear silo (now museum) in the New Mexican desert and pretended to infiltrate it. They had such amazing physical presences that I decided to turn the piece into a silent film. Concept executed to perfection by editor Kevin Pietila.

Cupcake Cuthroats

Little is written about the art of turning crap footage into something entertaining. These guys have mastered it. Here was an attempt of mine to take some highly crappy footage of these San Fran-based cupcake car enthusiasts, and make it into something. I decided to go for a 70s version of a Guy Ritchie stylized kind of thing. This was edited by Jyrki Rantasuo, who is an absolute fucking genius. He will undoubtedly be a famous Hollywood director someday.

Tibet Protest

Followed Xeni with the camera on this one (in front of the Fedaral Buildings in West Los Angeles) and watched her work her newsperson-like magic. She definitely has a way of connecting with the subjects of her stories. Nice sappy moment at the end handing me the tea…

Papercraft Trouble

For Tax Reasons was another undiscovered pair of uber-talented animators, languishing in obscurity. That is, until their short “I’m in Ur Manger Killing Ur Savior,” was featured on the front page of YouTube. Of course, that didn’t happen until I (and by proxy BBtv) found these guys and got a custom-made episode out of them:

Klaus Pierre: Existentialist Adventures

Another ad hoc piece. We decided to stage an argument between Klaus Pierre and his on site Producer (played by actual producer, Dana Devonshire). I played the cameraman who happens to discover the fight and turn on the camera. At the time of filming, I was convinced that this footage was headed for internet Internet immortality. It may yet.

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf: Smallest Communist Nation Ever

I met Johannes through Xeni, who had been familiar with his internet famous comedic creations.
This particular episode was shot on the back end of a marathon shoot at the E-Tech convention in San Diego. The party depicted was an after party for all the uber-tech savvy attendees. Johannes decided to crash it as the ambassador of the last remaining Soviet satellite. I followed him around with the camera, while playing his assistant ‘Dimitri.’ I’m also the VO of the Disney exec that kicks him out. We didn’t actually get to film that part the first time around, so we recreated it in post.

Mep Report #103

World of Addictioncraft,Greg Twitters, Clea Ponders Washington Towns, And Points Out Russ’s Predictabliity,Breast Milk Applications, When you Wish Upon a Matzoh, Spicing Up Songs with “Eh!”, and more bad Jdating.

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